Sitting Out Back

I feel like every time I write a blog, it starts off mentioning how long it has been since I last wrote a blog. Why break that trend now. I believe it has been over two months so that’s not good.

Life has been flying by, but I’m taking some time to just relax a bit and sit down to write. It is actually going on 10pm and I’m sitting outside on our back deck. I have a candle burning to try and keep the bugs away from my laptop light, we’ll see how well it works. We recently purchased a new patio table for the back deck, and I’m trying to enjoy it as much as possible. The heat can be a factor as we approach summer, but this is the first time I’m sitting out after getting the kids to bed.

The kids are doing good with the exception of a weird bit of episodes that Amelia has been having. They tend to happen every 3 or 4 weeks, sometimes more frequent. She will wake up in the middle of the night crying, and we can’t really snap her out of it. She ultimately makes her self-sick and then falls back to sleep. These episodes have mostly happened at night with the exception of one time during the day after she got home from preschool and fell asleep in the car. It always follows sleep. As a result, we’ve had her see a neurologist, had a brain MRI done and will follow up with a sleep study on June 28th. So far all of the tests have come back with no issues, so still trying to figure out what the deal is. The issue is not life-threatening, but it’s such an odd occurrence that we wanted to get some answers.

Outside of that though the kids have been great. School is out and Ricky is now on his way to first grade. He was having trouble wrapping his head around the length of time off he gets for summer break. When I did the calculation and told him it was almost 86 days he about lost his mind. The goal now is keeping him and his sister from fighting since they are around each other about 3 times as much during the day.

It is hard to believe that we are now in June. The year is flying by and is almost halfway over. Between work and parenting the days just fly by. I’m sure it will be October before we know it.

While I write this I am listening to the album After Hours by Mitch Murder. He is probably one of my favorite artists to turn to when I want to listen to some lyric free and chilled music. He actually composed a lot of tracks for the film Kung Fury which is very 80s and synth-heavy. I really like it, and it’s great music while blogging.


We don’t have a whole lot planned for this weekend, which is my idea of a weekend. I believe there is a graduation party on Sunday, but that means I will get to see a lot of my family which is amazing. I may need to mow the grass tomorrow, but otherwise, just maybe tiding up the house. Jen has a short shift after Target so will get to spend time with the family.

My best friend Tippin was in town for work yesterday and I got to meet up with him for a little bit at Starbucks and catch up. It was nice just getting to sit and talk, even though I had the kids with me, we still got to chat about life and work. I probably could have hung out and talked much longer but the kids were getting restless and he had a drive back to Kansas City ahead of him.

My final thought of the night, and Tippin and I briefly spoke about this, is my decision of dropping Facebook for good. I know it’s common for people to say they’re deleting facebook because they have some kind of argument or whatever on Facebook, but for me, it’s just a personal decision to steer away from the idea of needing to know what is always going on or who likes or comments on my stuff. I feel like ditching it will open the door for me to find alternative ways of passing time. Instead of sitting on the couch and browsing through the feed, I can get up and DO SOMETHING. I don’t want to feel like I am a slave to my phone, and this is a step towards distancing myself from just staring at a screen, which I’m doing right now ironically.

I do find it to be a stressor though at times because of people who tend to post misinformation. I’ve learned to bite my tongue and don’t comment, but I do still feel a bit of stress or annoyance when I see it, that I don’t really need. I’m not sure when I’ll “cut the cord” but I think it’ll be very soon.

Alright, I probably need to wrap this up because I’m starting to see more little bugs flying on to my laptop screen so that is enough for now. Have a great weekend and stay cool because it has been HOT!!


Time with the Kids

This blogging thing has gotten tough for me. I am actually forcing myself to sit down and write something since it has been some time. It’s going on 11pm and the kids are all in bed. I’ll head that way myself shortly, but I wanted to get a post out.

Today was a good day spent with my son after he got home from school. My wife Jen works at the preschool and on Wednesdays, she does aftercare so she does not get home until closer to 5 or 6. This means that Ricky, my son, and I have a few hours to hang out. After I wrapped up working me and him took a walk, that turned in to about a 3 and a half mile walk around the soccer park. I was going to try and have him practice soccer a bit, but the fields were taken so we just walked around. That’s all we did, and it was great!


Ricky taking a break after getting to the soccer park


This is the soccer park a short walk from our house. I normally run to and around this place when I go for runs. It gets me a decent 2 1/2 miles round trip. 
Stopped at Lions Choice on the way home for some ice cream. The red on his lips was from a red Sunny D he drank on the walk back. Maybe we’ll shoot for a straw next time we drink things like that ha. 


Moments like these are things that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. The idea that there is going to be a point in time when I won’t have the luxury of just hanging out with him when I want to. He’ll get his friends and his own little life, and those moments of hanging out with dad and being pumped for it probably isn’t as long as you’d think. I also saw a post on Reddit today about things girls would have liked their dad to know growing up, and the top item was just having moments together, like just her and dad thing. This is something I want to work towards. Now my daughter is 3 1/2 so I still got time to find that “thing”, but even just finding time if Jen takes Ricky out for me and her to just hang out is something I really want to start appreciating more. You really think about how you are doing as a parent, and I don’t want to miss opportunities with either of my kids.

This definitely holds true for setting time aside to just hang with my wife without the kids. It’s a constant balance of making sure that opportunities are not missed and also making time for all of the above. Finding time with the wife is probably even tougher because we can tag-team the kid time by taking one or the other, while with each other, we have to find a poor soul who will take on the two hooligans for a day/night. I say that jokingly, our kids are pretty well behaved, and we have tons of family who would absolutely adore taking them for a day. It’s harder for us to ask probably.

On another note, I’ve been doing this WeRally program through our health insurance which allows me to earn gift cards for various challenges completed. One, for example, is like a health survey and a biometric test will get me a $150 gift card. I can earn $50 for walking about 7.5 miles in three days or complete 3 tasks over a month to earn a $75 gift card. I can max out at $600 worth of gift cards, and I’ve already knocked out a couple. The annoying thing is that I have to wait for my biometric test to be received before they release the gift cards, but when they do I believe I’ll have about $325 worth of gift cards. You may ask what I am going to use that little bit of dough towards? Well, how about a sweet authentic cosplay Red Power Rangers costume? Yeah, that’d be sweet. No, I’m kidding…I think. God, I would wear that to work. Look at this thing. 

I’m partially embarrassed that I have researched this, but it was strictly as a Halloween costume. Yeah, that’s it.

On a final thought, I have been listening to the Story of the Year station on Apple Music, and it pretty much is bringing me right back to my early college years. I’ve been thinking about compiling a playlist of music from that time. A lot of it will come from this station, but there is some music that isn’t heavy/screamo type stuff. If I come up with a playlist, maybe I’ll post it for those to check out. I could probably even share a link to the playlist if I got super inspired.

That’s all for today, I need to head to bed. We’re almost to the weekend, I hope everyone’s week is going well so far. I’m ready for some nice weather!

Super Bowl Weekend

This won’t be a long blog as I just wanted to get something written as I didn’t quite get one in this week. It’s late Saturday evening and I’m having the internal debate of whether I want to stay up and play some XBox or just go to bed. I’ve had a goofy sore throat the last two days so for some reason going to bed and waking up for some coffee sounds amazing since I haven’t enjoyed it for that time.

Tomorrow is the Super Bowl which I’m sure I’ll watch. I don’t have any stock in either team, but I think I’m leaning towards rooting for New England over Philly. Hopefully it’s a good a game, and I think the part I’m most planning on skipping is the half time show. Outside of Bruno Mars those tend to disappoint. I’ll take that back, Lady Gaga held her own, but I just don’t get too excited for Justin Timberlake. Unless he comes out singing that Trolls song like 3 times in a row then I’ll probably use the time to get up and stretch or make food.

We are about a week and a half away from making another trip to Kansas City. This one will be kind of a birthday celebration for our son Ricky who Recently turned six. We’re staying at a hotel/indoor water park place and I know he’s been super excited for it. Hopefully it’s not bitter cold so we can walk around KC again but there’s plenty to do indoors around there.

Well I think I’m going to choose bed instead of XBox so I wish you all a happy Sunday!

Social Meda and News Vacation

I am a little late at posting a blog today as I normally try to get them up and posted by about 8am on Mondays. I started writing a blog yesterday, but just wasn’t feeling it so I’m starting fresh now.

I’m thinking this week might be a good time to take a little break from the news and social media. This isn’t one of those “rage quite” social media deals where I got into some argument about politics or something like that. This will be more of just a life refresher. I have paid more attention to the news in the last year, and I think it’s just a good time to step away a bit.


The idea is similar to social media. I think I have found a common theme throughout the years where I just like to take a break from social media and take in things that don’t need likes, comments or retweets. I also find the irony that as I say that, I’m writing a blog that requests likes, shares or comments. It starts after this blog ok!

I may go for a run after this. The weather in Missouri is crazy, and the fact that it can go from 60 degrees this afternoon, to possibly have a chance of snow tonight drives me nuts. I’ve lived here for years so I really shouldn’t be surprised by any of this.I do like the brief taste of nice weather, and being able to run without feeling like my lungs just shot by a spear from Sub-Zero from Mortal Kombat would be nice. 51iXc35sV5L._SX355_.jpg

Work is wrapping up, and I just picked Ricky up from school, so I think this will be a short blog, but I wanted to get a little written down before I disengage. I hope you all have a stellar week, and get pumped for WWE’s Royal Rumble this Sunday, I will be attending the annual Bird Royal Rumble party, I can’t wait! So long everyone, and social media, I will see you soon.

The Urge to Write

I feel like we’ve entered in to that lull time of the year where the craziness of the holidays has passed and now we are just sitting in a time where there are no immediate holidays coming up, and we are still recovering from the holidays that past. Outside of our house being sick for the holidays we still had a good time, and I think the kids got to enjoy Christmas for the most part.

We have made arrangements to go out of town in the middle of February as a fun way to celebrate Ricky’s sixth birthday. Last year we didn’t do much, and we have been talking about making a return trip to Kansas City since visiting it in October for Tippin and Brooke’s wedding. This allows us some time to get out there, and celebrate Ricky’s birthday part at an indoor water park as well. It should be a great time, and a fun little mini family vacation. I still have some anxiety though about what we are going to do for the dogs in the days that we are away.

In other news, I’ve decided that 2018 is going to be the year that I get my health in check. I don’t necessarily mean getting in to the gym and becoming a physically elite specimen, but instead going to see the doctor to get a checkup done. This probably needs to include not just a regular doctor, but also an eye doctor, and dentist. I actually made an appointment for this Friday to see the eye doctor so I can try and get some more contacts and maybe some new glasses. The ones I have now are scratched all to hell and definitely are ready to be replaced.

I want to see how my health is overall though when I go to the doctor. I honestly cannot remember the last time I went to see a doctor for a checkup. The last time I even went to see any type of doctor was just before the new year when I had the flu and an ear infection. I want to just see where I am so that I can make sure I am tackling things that may need to be addressed. I turn 32 in April, and I know it’s not an old age by any means, but as I’m starting to see hints of gray in my beard, it makes me want to just make sure everything on the inside is checking out ok. After you have kids your mindset changes from, “I’m going to just live it up” to “holy crap I want to be around as long as possible for my kids.” Don’t get me wrong, I think I’m a pretty healthy guy, but that doesn’t mean there couldn’t be something that I need to get a handle on before it gets out of control.

Anyway, I hope to make a general check appointment here in the next month, just to make sure everything is ok.

It was almost 60 degrees today and I had the urge to go for a run had I not had a phone call I had to join about 30 minutes before the idea came to me. Jen got me some new running shoes for Christmas so I’m really looking forward to the weather being a bit warmer than 15 degrees so I can get back to running. I need to find a good pair of over the ear headphones that I can wear when running that aren’t like $300. I can’t wear the Apple ear buds because they fall out of my ears and it drives me nuts.  I need something that actually goes over them, plus I’ve always preferred that style instead of ones that wrap around your ears or go in them. It seems like any time I search for good running headphones that go over your ears, I always get ear bud results. My ears are stupid, give me what I’m searching for Google!


2018 Backlog

One of my goals for 2018 was to actually go in and complete video games and read books that I have backlogged over the last few years. It is kind of funny how growing up you only had so many games because digital wasn’t a thing. You’d be lucky to have more than maybe 10 game cartridges for a single console. Now I look at my Xbox One game library and I have almost 115 games that I could download and play. It made me think that maybe I should spend some time completing some games and reading books on a regular basis.

I am notorious for starting games and never finishing them. I don’t necessarily mean obtaining every single item or finishing a game 100%, but instead completing a game’s story before moving on to another. I’ve decided that my goal for 2018 when it comes to video games is to complete at least one game a month. That means playing through the story/campaign to completion, and then I can go back and get the extra side quest items if they apply. On top of that, I also would like to read at least one book a month. I thought that maybe if I compile a list of books to read each month, then it will help keep track better.


I boosted my gaming goal right before 2017 ended by completing Super Mario Odyssey on the Nintendo Switch. It was such a fun game, and only the second game I think I beat in 2017. The other was Sleeping Dogs on Xbox One. So with that goal set, I’ve outlined a few games and books that I plan to tackle in the first couple of months of 2018 and I hope to really go through my backlog of games and knock some out as well.


  • December
    • Super Mario Odyssey (COMPLETED)
    • 50 Positive Habits: Transform your Life (COMPLETED)


  • January –
    • Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Nintendo Switch)
    • Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House
  • February –
    • Red Dead Redemption (Xbox 360 B/C)
    • The Seven Songs of Merlin
  • March –
    • Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One)
    • The Fires of Merlin
  • April –
    • Splatoon 2 (Nintendo Switch)
    • The Mirror of Merlin


Thoughts for 2018

**revised 1/1/2018**

So 2017 was brought to and end with a dose of the flu during Christmas for my kids and wife, and later for myself on The Thursday after Christmas. My stint involved a rare trip to urgent care for treatment of the flu and a possible ear infection which has dulled my hearing in my left ear. I’m extremely stubborn with going to the doctor and I probably would not have gone had my wife not stayed on me about it. The new year was brought in with my recovering little family as we hung out playing Nintendo Switch and watching the new year specials in our pajamas.

We have now entered the year 2018, which means we are full of excitement, motivation, and maybe some new goals with the start of the new year. I am guilty of developing a list of new year resolutions, only to easily fail at completing them. I don’t expect to accomplish every one, but I realize that I only really may tackle about 5% of the ones I put on my list. I still enjoy the list creation process, but I don’t think I’m going to hold myself to a strict standard of completing them. With that said, on top of some goals, I would like to complete this year, I also have some things that I’m just generally excited for. With that said, below you will find my general list of 2018 new year resolutions.

Goals for 2018

  1. Read, Read and Read!
  2. Blog once a week (specifically, post on the same day each week).
  3. Tackle my huge backlog of video games
  4. Get in better shape
  5. Drink far less soda/energy drinks and far more water
  6. Cook at home more, and eat out at fast food/restaurants less
  7. Declutter the house
  8. Have a garage sale
  9. Decorate our house for Christmas with more than just one string of lights
  10. Go to a St. Louis Blues game
  11. Learn a new skill or hobby
  12. Have more dates with my wife
  13. Pay less attention wrestling “dirt sheets”
  14. Go on a long bike ride with my father-in-law
  15. build something
  16. Use a calendar for scheduling more often
  17. Limit my phone activity (Facebook, Twitter, News)
  18. Grow my hair out
  19. Buy a used electric guitar and write some music
  20. Embrace my kids still being young

This surely isn’t everything, but they are the items that immediately come to mind. What are some of the items you have on your list for 2018? Are they ones that carried over from 2017? What do you do to try and complete some of your goals? Comment below and let me know your new year’s resolution process.

As a side note, I’m trying to get more active on social media in 2018, so if you have a second, please follow my account below.