Twitter vs Facebook

So I was thinking about this topic last night. I kind of realize that, though I do use Facebook on a much more common basis, I am beginning to take more of a liking to Twitter. Let me first and foremost say that I feel Facebook and Twitter are out to do different things, but they all fall in to the social networking field. So here is my beef with Facebook.

Just like most early social networking site, they begin to get stale. First for me it was Xanga. A website where you basically had an online journal that your friends could subscribe to and see when you updated. You in turn could do the same to others. It was a more personal way of staying up to date with people, providing they updated their Xanga. This then gave way to interest in something called MySpace. MySpace gave you the ability to do the same thing, however you were given more options to give your page a more personal touch. You could also add photos and videos to your site. On top of all this you had a huge music section on MySpace which helped you find new music or promote your own.

After a while spent with MySpace I moved to Facebook. The two were co-existing in my life as I would check and back and forth. Some friends were on MySpace and had yet to move to Facebook, or some had started on Facebook and never moved to MySpace. So it was a swap to keep in touch with everybody. As they became more mainstream, a heavy competition began between the two. I began seeing them ripping each other off. MySpace began allowing users to create a “status” while Facebook got a music type of page. Then MySpace implemented a live chat that was similar to Facebook’s where you could see who is online and chat with them. In MySpace’s defense, they had the MySpace Chat option before Facebook but it just wasn’t very well done.

So since that time, I have now moved to Facebook and totally kind of abandoned MySpace. Just like those services before though, I am now leaning towards Twitter over Facebook. I don’t think I’ll abandon Facebook since Twitter is more of a self-promoting page while Facebook is for keeping in touch. So here’s where Facebook starts to get annoying.

Facebook has been trying to top MySpace by adding applications left and right. 3rd parties are now available to develop any type of applications and people will then get invites to use them. Some of these applications are the iLike/Quizzes/Bumper Stickers and so on. The most recent feature added is the ability to “like” something and become a fan of something. I was fine with Facebook recommending friends who I may have missed or may have just joined, that’s great, but now you have people who can become a fan of like pillows. This is just a joke. Like there needs to be some sort of moderation with all this crap that is being added to Facebook. It’s just getting old and annoying.

Facebook is great if I want to chat with my friends, but it’s something if I wanted to, I could easily get cell numbers and just text people. With Twitter it just seems more basic and not so much like a business. Facebook just seems like it’s selling its soul to the devil and not really taking a look at what they are putting out on their site anymore.

I guess I like the fact that you update a Twitter status, and that’s it. You can then message somebody directly replying to their status but it’s not out to completely take away social interaction. I like being able to just text a status with Twitter and it’s basically self promotion. On Facebook, I may update a status and get a notification that somebody just likes it, like i would take a comment over just liking something. I also don’t like getting notifications for stuff I can’t turn off. It gets old.

Anyway, just a little social networking rant. Facebook is destroying itself I think, and I think it won’t take long for a site to pick out the good and bad and make a new site. I will not be leaving Facebook because It still has me by the nuts sadly, but I do find myself taking less and less things people say on it, and a little more meaningfulness from things people post on Twitter.

Anyway, that’s all I have to say on the subject, if you are a Twitter user then you can find me on there, my name is CBumeter.

Thanks All,



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