Another Day of Six Flags Tomorrow

Tomorrow I’m hitting up Six Flags to see Boys Like Girls with Kimberlie. It’s by far her most favorite band and she is super excited to get to see them. I am too because I know almost all of their songs, which always helps. They’re predicting rain but I think we may be okay.

We’re not planning on hitting up too many rides tomorrow, probably just walk around and check out some of the stores. We’ll basically just kill time until the show.

I’m currently watching the Cardinals game. They’re in extra innings right now. They just went into the bottom of the 15th inning, and Brendan Ryan led it off with a triple. Jason Larue will be up to see if he can win it for the Cardinals. We’ll see what happens in the next few minutes.

Today Kimberlie and I just took it easy not doing too much. We went to Target and Dierbergs in search of some snacks to chow on while we played Xbox or watched T.V. It was a solid day, I can’t complain. I had a meatball sub from Subway which was extremely delicious.

We’re sitting with the count at 1-2 right now with Larue, we’ll see if he can drive in the winning run. They have Manny Ramirez playing SHORT left field as a last ditch effort. Weaver almost makes a wild pitch but the catcher made the grab reaching out. I’m basically giving some play-by-play as I type this. It has been a great game so far. He popped it up darnit, just to the right of the pitchter’s mound. Julio Lugo will come up next: 1 out, winning run sitting on third base. There was a pitchout from Weaver, no movement from Ryan at 3rd.

They walk Lugo who really means nothing at this point. It sets up for a double play ball so we’ll see what happens. Mark Derosa is next up who has been hot as of late, all we need is a mediocre fly ball and it should get us the win. We now hit the 12am hour. Aww man ground ball to the short stop and they throw Ryan out at the plate. That brings big ol Albert Pujols, looking ot win it, guys on first and second base now.

Well I’m going to wrap this up, hopefully the Cardinals can pull out a win. Six Flags tomorrow so I’ll be Twittering from there I’m sure. Follow me if you’re on there: TWITTER


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