NFL Week 1, Go Panthers!!

So it is currently Sunday morning, at about 3:40am. This means that in a matter of hours the NFL season will continue it’s week 1 matchups. Carolina(my team) is playing the Eagles. I don’t think I’ll be able to catch it on television, because they’ll probably be airing the Rams game, but we’ll see.

I’m thinking about heading to bed after I write this, it has been a busy day. Kimberlie and I went down to the St. Louis Mills mall to watch the Blues practice at the ice arena there. It was pretty cool seeing all the players up close and running through some drills. I even got a picture with Ed Belfour(retired goalie) and John Davidson(Blues GM). It was a lot of standing and walking around, but it was a blast. The NHL season is less than a month away.

This week could be exciting as I’ll find out if I got a new job I have interviewed for a couple of times. It is as an introductory position with Club Fitness. I have mixed feelings about it. For one, I could make decent money doing it. On the flip side it sounds like a lot of work and it could be high pressured. I will have to sell memberships and do some other things, to work myself up to be a manager. Hopefully I can handle it.

Well this is a short little post, thought I’d just do a little update. Have a great night and go Panthers!


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