Breakfast of Champions

Saturday has started earlier than usual for me. The reason for that is because I am going down to the St. Louis Mills mall today to donate to the “Toys for Tots” campaign and also meet a couple of Blues hockey players. starts at 1pm so I have some cleaning to do before then.

Northwest Missouri State University’s football team plays for the Division II football championship today. I hope to get home in time to watch the second half.

Speaking of NWMSU, I am enrolled and pretty much good to go for the start of classes. I even put a deposit down on an apartment which is pretty awesome. I’ll move up there the week of January 4th, and I’m super stoked!

One of my goals when I get up to school is to get in shape. I will be bringing my roller blades so I can skate around, and I plan on running everyday. There’s no reason for a scrawny guy like me to not stay in shape.

Well this was a quick update I’m going to find something to eat. Have an awesome Saturday everybody!



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