Steve Jobs 1955-2011 – Phenomenal Innovator

Apple's Home Page Dedicated to Steve Jobs

When I look at all of the amazing gadgets and technology that are on the market today, it’s hard to not say that Steve Jobs had a hand in the inspiration of many of the hottest things we use probably on an everyday basis. Being the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs brought an exciting new way to present Apple products. I have never seen a bigger media frenzy around any other product like I do when Apple announces the date for their next “magical” product.

Steve Jobs is one of the key reasons Apple is what it is today. After his return to the company, Apple took on a new way of presenting their products. They introduced a new way of thinking. Instead of being followers, they lead the way. Just think today how big of an impact Apple has had on popular technology today. After the iPod launched, you saw a slew of copycats. Nothing came close to it, but they tried (RIP Zune).

Look at the iPhone. Prior to the iPhone, you didn’t see many if any touch screen phones. The leading phone was Blackberry, which quickly took a backseat. Even with a heavy competitor like Android, they would be nothing without having Apple laying the foundation for touchscreen smart phones. Now most recently, we have the iPad. Sure there were probably tablets here and there, but never were they as mainstream and acceptable as they have now become thanks to the iPad.

Am I saying these products are the absolute best in the industry, not necessarily. With their inventions however, they have created a market that is competitive and great for the consumer. I’m sure people will argue the issue of keeping their products like their App store so strict, but that’s their way of doing it, and you can’t fault them for choosing to go against the grain.

Steve Jobs presented all of these news forms of technology with a charisma that has yet to be matched, and is often not imitated, to little success. I’m looking at you Zuckerberg. Steve Job’s legacy will be the image of jeans and a black turtle neck, epic announcements, and an “outside of the box” way of thinking. His ideas and drive in the industry will make him one of the most influential minds not only with tech nerds around the world, but in society in general. Apple will miss him, but so will an entire industry from customers to developers. Thanks Steve for making life even more exciting and convenient, and doing it with a charisma that will always be your own.

My entire Twitter wall was nothing but thoughts on Steve Jobs passing, and in the tech world that’s pretty impressive. Quoting somebody from Twitter I fealt it fit perfectly with Steve Jobs legacy “the future lost a friend today.”

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011.


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