Any Tips for Maintaing a Blog?

There are a ton of projects I have taken on in the last few years. I have created a slew of blogs, a sports podcast and a variety of single episodic video blogs. With all of these creative ventures, I have realized how incredibly hard it is to maintain each and every one. I don’t mean that at the same time, but even just one. I have really craved the ability to write a blog that lasts more than a week. I want something that has a history and archive over time. What’s so hard about it? Consistency, passion and dedication for starters.

I have spent many nights setting up blogs, photoshopping banners and organizing colors to get a blog looking great; only to have it quickly lose steam a day or two after. For a single night I am the most motivated blog writer in the world. As soon as I run out of steam though, the blog slowly dies with it. It’s frustrating and depressing at the same time. I would love to have material to write about daily let alone weekly, but it just doesn’t come to me that well. The only excuse I can mustard up, is that I’m really not putting forth the true dedication it takes to be a savvy blogger.

So that leads me to reach out to anybody who reads this blog. What are some tips for writing and maintaining a blog. I want to make it clear that I’m not looking to write for fame or notoriety; but I just want to have a consistent bit of writing that I really stick to. If you’re a blogger, what are some tips or tricks you do to keep you motivated and on track. How do you come up with material on a weekly or daily basis to write on.

These are all things that I struggle with when it comes to starting a blog. I don’t know what it is that truly tickles my fancy that I can say “hey I could write about that all the time.” There are things I am enthusiastic about, but when it comes down to writing about it, I seem to lose motivation to finish it. So I’m just looking for tips with blog writing. I’m going to google that exact topic after I publish this, but I just want some pointers. I don’t want you to pitch topics, though you can if you want. I’m just not looking for the work to be done for me, but being an amateur writer, and I do feel I fall into that category; I just want to really take on a blog that has some beef behind it.

So leave some comments below, I really would appreciate it. Thanks for reading this though, even if you don’t leave any feedback.


2 Replies to “Any Tips for Maintaing a Blog?”

  1. Don’t be so concerned with finding one thing you care enough to write about all the time. It sounds like you get really jazzed about the idea of blogging, but you’re not sure how to proceed, so I say learn by doing. Just write things down and post them.

    It’s freaky to do, especially if you don’t feel like you’re good at it at first, but you’ll get better and you’ll learn what you care about by what you write about.

    If you need outside motivation though, you could blog about a project that you’re working on in real life to keep yourself on track. I’m writing a novel a month this year, and my blog is less for other people than to make sure I stick to my goal, and I’m accountable to someone other than me – it doesn’t matter so much if people read what I have to say, more that I’m keeping track of myself publicly.

    Blogging is a very personal and revealing thing to do, and worthwhile just in it’s own right. Write, post, write again. Don’t be so concerned with quality for now, but with getting into the habit of it at first. And try to have fun.

    Hope that helps!


  2. @PartlyPixie thanks for the tips and that’s a great idea to just WRITE. I appreciate the comment and taking the time to respond. 🙂


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