At Death We Praise

It’s safe to say there is something troubling about how our society treats individuals who are popular in our culture. Obviously you know this is regarding Whitney Houston, but it happens so often, that it makes all of the respect given seemed two-faced.

Ask anybody about Whitney Houston before Saturday and their first comments would probably be about her drug use and how nutty she was. I have seen jokes and insults about her in the last few years. Now Saturday rolls around and it seems like everybody all of a sudden acts like they didn’t say that, and jump on the bandwagon to praise about how great of an artist she was.

Now here’s the thing, there is no doubt she was a phenomenal artist, just like Michael Jackson, and Amy Winehouse, but they always had their troubled lives. As soon as they died though, you would see tributes from every corner of the entertainment industry. From those who bashed and insulted her, now want to be a part of the party praising how great she is.

My question is this, should it really take death to decide we should respect somebody? I mean why is it that we can just bash somebody to their face and treat them with such disrespect to the media during their lives. In a time that these comments can actually have an impact on somebody, and then when they pass, when the praise and encouragement comes around it’s at a time that is only for those except the actual individual passed away.

It’s a gripe that just gets old. We will see a ton of tributes and commemorations for Whitney Houston in the coming weeks or months, but all of a sudden we don’t want to make jokes about her drug addiction or act like we never commented on those things.

I’m just saying it’s annoying how these people are treated like trash in their hardships in life, and gods after they die. It’s a shame we must wait until death to really provide positive feedback or support them through their difficult times. I think this is more aimed at those directly involved in the music business and in the news, than say those on Twitter, but it doesn’t hurt for everyone to take a note of.



3 Replies to “At Death We Praise”

  1. Because screw her thats why! I didnt pause when Winehouse died or Dunn died. Houston is no different. Amazing vocal talent no doubt, butNo one gives praise to the homeless junkie before or after they die.


  2. there’s definitely something to this insight, although in Michael Jackon and Whitney Houston’s case as opposed to Amy Winehouse, they were both treated as god’s before they fell from grace. Probably a good argument to be made for the fact that that treatment drove them to do crazy things, go crazy or both. In Amy Winehouse’s case, I simply think she was always out of control.

    Juxtapose it all with any episode of hoarders and it is apparent to see that just about anyone can be tripped up by life and have things all go to crap, but its hard to fathom how that might happen if you possessed as much fame and wealth as a MJ or Whitney. You’d think with that much accumulated fame and wealth you could purchase a little more self control, but apparently it’s not true. For Amy Winehouse she was able to make enough to purchase just enough reckless abandon.


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