New Canon Rebel 2ti Camera

Not long ago Jen and I went to Best Buy and purchased a new heavy duty camera. There were a couple of things that factored in to the decision to drop almost $700 on this puppy. For starters, it was all fine and dandy taking pictures with our iPhones, but having a new baby we really wanted to capture the pictures in amazing quality. The iPhone can get some decent pictures if everything in the photo is still, yeah good luck with a 2 month old. We also liked the idea that not only was it an 18-megapixel camera, but it also shot video in 1080p high definition, which is amazing. If you’ve seen my YouTube videos, preferably the ones up at my old apartment in Maryville, then you know how big this feature is.

So far I love the pictures we’ve been able to take. They make me feel like an amazing photographer, though I know my pics probably couldn’t hold a candle to anybody who knows halfway what they’re doing.

Ryan, our cat, lounging on the counter

As you can see it’s amazing what a little some and black and white can do to a photo. I checked out some videos online that people shot with this, and though you still are missing some of the stabilizing aspects of a hardcore HD camera, it still holds it’s own pretty well. I would love to shoot a little test movie, edit it together and just see how it looks. It’s just finding the time and people to help me shoot it. As much as I love performing in little videos I make, it is pretty stinking hard to do both, so maybe I’ll stick to behind the camera and just direct. Let’s me focus on that side of things, which is fun, especially when you get to post production.

Maxx figuring out the train.

I’m excited to get out and really try and take some good pictures, and even learn a little more about photography. I learned a very minimal amount when I was up at Northwest. It was for a visual journalism course I believe, but again it was something that was no more than basic. Here are a few more test shots I have taken of my dad and my parents dog Lacy. Let me know what you think, and if you have any tips or advice for learning photography or how to use the Canon Rebel 2ti, then please let me know. I love learning new gadgets and technology so this will keep me interested for some time, especially as Ricky continues to grow.

Closeup of Lacy just hanging out, enjoying the nice weather.
My dad posing for a picture on Easter Sunday

3 Replies to “New Canon Rebel 2ti Camera”

    1. I am using a lens it came with kind of a bundle deal but not sure the specifics of the lens but I’m interested to see how the videos come out of I try to really out something together how do you like your model?


      1. It’s basically the same as T2i except that it has a flip-out screen like a camcorder. I must say pretty helpful in shooting high and angle scenes.

        BTW, since you shooting at HD, try knowing about “Cinestyle” and “Magic Lantern”, it gives you more flexibility and control on your HD videos.

        Have fun!


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