Just Some Thoughts On Aurora Shooting

**NOTE** If you don’t feel like reading all of this, at least watch this. It is the ultimate message.


So I know this story has been in the media nonstop, and I understand why. I’ve spent much of the day thinking more and more about it, and I just have some thoughts that I kind of want to express if not for anybody reading this, just for my own clear headedness.

The whole event really didn’t start hitting me until I read a blog from a girl who was killed in the shooting. She had been a witness to a shooting just months earlier in which she just nearly missed being a possible victim in that shooting.

You can read that blog here. 

I guess it makes you look at a few things in this world. For starters, you really do start to realize how incredibly lucky every single one of us are to even exist, if not for just a minute. As of right now, we don’t know of any other creatures outside of planet earth that area live. In this huge entire universe, that’s fucking huge! When you think about that though, you realize how many lives are wasted on just such stupid bullshit. Such petty complaints we express every single day, when in reality, we are alive! Since going to college, I have started to really appreciate the saying “One Chance, One Life.” I love this quote because I don’t feel like when we die, we go to some all amazing heaven. When we’re done on earth here, we’re done. I don’t live my life for some higher being who is judging me and telling me what is a “sin” and what is worth praising. I just live my life day by day and when it’s over, whenever that time may be, it’s over. It makes me realize that every single day that passes, is one day closer to not being alive anymore. Every moment I waste worrying about money, work, or whatever else, those are moments I could be spending just stepping away and appreciating being alive.

There is something else that kind of hit me today, that I don’t know if it really surprised me, or what, but it was an emotion that I felt when I heard about the shooting. It was a feeling of, oh well this isn’t out of the realm of possibility. This isn’t surprising or shocking, another act of violence this time in a movie theater. People died and a criminal is apprehended. Just another day in the life on planet earth. This thought, though it sounds incredibly insensitive is not meant to be taken that way. What I’m saying is that we are to a point in society, or maybe it’s just me, where this kind of stuff does not surprise me anymore. Our world is jacked up with violence, sex, vulgarness that I’m almost totally desensitized to stuff like this. You may say well if you’re so desensitized to this, why are you writing a blog about it. I’m writing a blog about it because it’s another reminder that this world has some pretty horrible horrible things attributed to it, and we chances of meeting these things on a daily basis.

Now obviously our situations are far bette than say those in other countries who face violence on larger multitudes and on a far more frequent basis, but who knows if I could walk outside tomorrow and some crazy guy shoots a place up, a plan flies in to a building, or whatever. This world does not make any exceptions. It then kind of turns me to a point people make that angers me a bit. I read a comment somebody made that says the shooter had 100s of rounds of bullets and only killed 12 people, god was looking over that theater. Really? God was looking over the theater because only 12 people died. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s just the ignorance of people of faith, but if you believe that that theater was blessed or people who survived were looked out for by god, then what about those 12 people who died. Did they not pray hard enough, were they not good enough people to live through the circumstance? It’s this belief alone that completely baffles me about the state of religion. People are quick to say how god was watching over them or how god helped them through, well why did God not help those others through? Well god has welcomed them in to the gates of heaven, really? It’s just kind of excuse after excuse in that argument, and I just don’t see how people can keep putting blind faith in to something. It’s like god gets a free pass and people don’t sit down and logically think about what just happen and how nobody is safe, nobody is being looked after and you just have to take each day as it comes.

I’m not going to go much more in to religion on that, because I know people have their own beliefs and that’s fine. If you are somebody who continues to believe that god has a plan for people getting murdered at random and you can justify that to yourself then so be it. I can’t judge you for what you believe and I just hope you sit down and truly think about what you’re telling yourself. I guess whatever makes it through the day because at the end of the day you are as right as I am I guess and that’s an argument that can’t be won.

So I don’t want this to come off as an excuse to rant about religion or god. I just want people to realize that 12 totally ordinary people died because of an act of violence, and the only mistake they made was going to see a movie. It’s a mistake that could be made by millions of people every single day. When you look at things and how randomly they happen, I just encourage you to try and enjoy every aspect of your life. It made me realize how much I am in love with my girlfriend Jen. How my son Ricky has brought upon an entirely new perspective on life, that makes you realize you can be the most important thing in the world to somebody, yet on a grander scale be just a small speck of dust. Ricky and Jen, my family and my close friends make me realize what love is. It makes me realize how important those relationships are and how maintaining them is how you truly find happiness.

I’m going to end this rambling blog with this. You are not guaranteed tomorrow, and no man or god can protect from some crazy lunatic. When you’re time comes, you may have no chance at preventing it, but in the moment before that can you look back and say you know what I did the best I could in this life. I treated people with the respect they deserved. I tried really hard to not wine and complain about senseless things. I guarantee you those are the happy things in life and whether you’re an atheist, christian, muslim, or whatever, these are the things that are universal and that make us all human. I wish the best to those who have lost their loved ones, and hope they remember all of the great things they did during their time on earth, and hopefully reading this makes you take at least a moment to sit and appreciate those gnarly things in your life.

I appreciate you reading this, and I probably would not have slept until I wrote this. I’m not going to publish this to twitter or Facebook, it will get found by those who choose to. I’m not trying to promote a blog or get views, I just wanted to post my thoughts on the matter, and would love some feedback. I don’t want to get in to any type of religious argument because it’s a no-win for both sides, but I do encourage your comments and thoughts and if I have offended you for my comments, remember I’m as right as you are and I can admit that, so we’ll leave it at that, and despite our differentiating views, we are human and we share the earth together.

I leave you with this little bit of perspective.


One Reply to “Just Some Thoughts On Aurora Shooting”

  1. America has become over stimulated and desensitized.

    And while I ultimately have strong religious opinions like you, I still don’t like to completely discredit the supernatural. I’m sure some physicist could whip my ass in an argument, but there are 11 noted dimensions in the world. We see 3. Based on theLaw of Conservation of Energy – we are energy. Do we not leave any energybehind? What about ghosts/demons? Too many documented incidences to discredit them all, no? So what about angels then?

    I guess then you split hairs when it comes to an “almighty”. I’ll just continue sitting on the fence.


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