Craigslist – My Friend and Enemy: WBC 10.2

I’m sure everybody is well aware of what the website Craigslist is. If you don’t know, then may God have mercy on your soul and your house of cluttered old junk. Just to fill those folks in, it’s a website that has basically taken the job of a newspaper’s classifieds sections. People can list things for sell on the website, with their price, pictures of their items and locations to buy them. You simply e-mail or in some cases, call the individual to set up the exchange. Now with that said, there are also other services Craigslist allows you to post, but I won’t get in to those.

I love Craigslist, and it has allowed me to sell some things I don’t really use anymore to get some extra cash. It’s so much nicer than having to deal with the likes of an Ebay, because I hate the whole auction and having to ship items aspect. Ebay is great for buying, but I would never sell anything on there. What’s great about Craigslist, is that I can find some random item around my house, and put it on Craiglist for any price I want, and if it’s reasonable to people, then they will respond. It’s great, but it’s missing a few things that get a little annoying.

For starters, I hate that you can create a page that allows you to post all of your items. For example, say I’m selling some things on Craigslist, but want to share those items with my Facebook friends. I have to post individual links to every item in a post. I don’t see with the creation of profiles that somebody can say hey look at my profile and see all I have for sale. It would save so much more time, and also allow people who buy something from somebody and had a good experience, to see what else they may be selling.

This system can be similar to Ebay or Amazon’s rating system, where you can leave feedback for users on how your experience was. It would also put me a little more at ease when I’m buying or selling an item. I still get that anxious and uncomfortable feeling when I’m meeting up with somebody who is buying something of mine. This feeling comes especially with technology because you never know when that stuff is going to crap out on you. It could be working great for 36 years, and then the day after you sell it, it goes out. I haven’t had this happen to me luckily, but it’s still a little nerve racking.

I also have an issue with their interface. I understand their idea of keeping it completely basic, and usable by anybody, but I think it does need a bit of an overhaul. I guess it’s a step up from a newspaper listing, but I still think the individual listings can be done a little better and cleaner.

One thing I do love about Craigslist is the ability to make your e-mail anonymous. It has come in handy when I have received spam replies for items. Apparently there are a lot of people who have children in foreign countries that want to buy them items, pay more than your listing as well as extra shipping. These spammers are loaded I guess, because they’re just friendly. For those playing at home, don’t ever sell anything that sounds too good to be true. I almost did that with a laptop and luckily stopped it just in time. That case was with eBay and I was still a new seller who did not realize there were these spammers out there on eBay.

Craigslist is great for selling items and a great way to find deals on other things. With that, you do get negatives, like the spamming and the annoying listing set up. It may just be my own annoyance, and everybody else is cool with it, but for me I want something a little more updated and fresh. Give me some kind of profile page to list all of my items, like a mini store and I’ll be quite happy. These gripes aren’t going to stop me from using Craigslist, but they would greatly enhance my experience with the site, and hopefully it’s something they’re working on. Until then prepare to see multiple posts on Facebook for the 86 items I’m selling.


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