I Hate The NHL Lockout, but My Life Is Still Good – WBC 15

So today is a little bittersweet for me. For starters, it is October 11th, which is supposed to be the day the St. Louis Blues open their season up. It’s one of my most highly anticipated days in the year. I’m a huge hockey fan, and this whole NHL lockout has been annoying as hell. It doesn’t help that everyday I see headlines about the NHLPA and Owners meeting to discuss non-lockout related issues. Get the thing over with and get the season started. The NHL is by far the best league in the world, in terms of pure competition and passion, but when it comes to a commissioner and not being able to get your crap together, they sit miles and miles below the other professional sports leagues. I just hope the whole season is completely lost.

On a higher more positive note though, I am awake at 5am, showered and ready to watch the Cardinals playoff game against the Washington Nationals. What is kind of exciting about this game, is that a guy I went to middle school with and played against in high school is starting for the Nationals, Ross Detwiler. Now let me start by saying I’m not trying to claim that I’m best friends with the guy, or even close acquaintances, though I am friends with him on Facebook (practically BFFs). He was a friend of mine in elementary school and through middle school, and he was actually one of the few guys who helped 5th grade a little easier when we moved to St. Louis from Colorado. Again, not trying to act like I’m any sort of big shot cause I know a guy in baseball, but it’s cool to have some sort of connection with the guy. With that said I hope the Cardinals do go ahead and beat him so they can move on to the NLCS.

So back to being up at 5am and rearing to go. I have been working overnights since Sunday. Coming in at 6pm and getting out around 4am. I don’t mind working overnights at all, and sometimes prefer them when it comes to getting things done, but after a few days it does start to mess with your sleep schedule. When I got home yesterday morning from work, about 4:45am I was pretty much still holding on to some momentum not to sleep, so I stayed up and tried to do anything I could to help Jen get a little more sleep. It wasn’t’ until about 10:30 that I finally laid down and passed out. Woke up about 2 and then I got to bed at a decent time last night, which ultimately probably brings me to my 5am wake up.

Jen is babysitting from about 7am to 5pm and she takes Ricky with her so he can play with the kids, which leaves me alone until then. That girls works her ass off all while being an amazing mom. I don’t know how she does it, but I think it’s a super power you gain when you carry a child for 9 months.

I was kind of thinking about hitting up a Starbucks and just hanging out and drink some coffee. Maybe do some reading or something on the iPad. I don’t know why, but hanging out at a coffee place, brings me back to my days at Northwest (second time around) when I used to hit up Java City in the mornings before class and drink a Chai Tea while surfing the net. I miss Northwest, but I wouldn’t change the last year and a half for anything in the world. I don’t want to imagine a life without Ricky, and I think that’s something that hits you when you become a dad. The level of love for something is taken to a completely different level. I can’t really explain it, and it’s probably one of those things that you won’t truly understand until you experience it. Best feeling in the world though.

Alright well I’m going to go see what I can do with my afternoon, and hang with Ricky while Jen gets ready. She should be waking up any minute now. Have a great day all, even if there isn’t a single NHL game being played.


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