The Holiday Season Is Almost Upon Us – WBC 21

So we are less than a week away from black friday, which is kind of the official start to the holiday season. I guess Thanksgiving should be thrown in there somewhere as well, but since I work in retail, it feels like that’s the official “game on” for the festivities to start.

Now when I say holidays, I do mean Christmas for the most part. Now I’m sure some of you who know me are probably like, “duh Chris you’re an atheist you don’t celebrate Christmas.” Well hold your horses kiddies, because though you’re right in the sense that I don’t celebrate the God end of it, I do celebrate the holiday since it’s been the tradition in my life. I guess it’s one of those few holidays that really keeps you young at times. There was no better feeling than waking up on Christmas morning before the sun comes up and seeing if Santa had came yet. I know my brother and I would get up and check our stockings, and then do the rounds around the tree to see which gifts belonged to who. It was a great feeling and something that was always done in such a fun way in my house.

Now 26 years later since my first Christmas, I hope to pass on the fun tradition to my son Ricky. This will be his first Christmas, and though he probably won’t remember it, I’m sure Jen and I will still play santa. I mean it gives us a crash test before he gets older right. I am a few years away from getting to feel what my parents felt when they saw the look on my face as we opened gifts, and though the holiday is pretty much a commercial holiday, it does bring families together to celebrate.

As of right now the game plan in our house is to put the tree up shortly after Thanksgiving. Again, Jen and I both work retail, so the Black Friday party will easily engulf our days, but you can expect the tree to go up within 48 hours of us devouring turkey. The only thing I’m not looking forward to, is that I know our two cats are just going to be terrors to our tree and ornaments the second it goes up. Does anybody else have issues with their pets getting at their tree? If so, then what do you do to keep them from smacking ornaments off. For the record, our cats both like water, so the water bottle spraying doesn’t really bother them. That is really my only gripe during the holiday.

Along with the Christmas decorations, come the christmas tunes. I’m talking old classics by the way. For me there are only three people who sing Christmas songs right; Bing Crosby, Elvis Presley and the gosh darn Chipmunks. If you disagree, then you can just get the hell out of my Christmas “bro.” I’m just joking of course, but that is what I was raised on, and that’s what kind of music will at least begin playing in our house.

This year is going to be a crazy Christmas at my parents house. In the last year, there have been 3 new additions to the family, which brings my parents grandkids count up to 14 (7 girls and 7 boys). The latter three are within 2 months of each other, so they will all be crawling around, and maybe one walking around getting in to the presents. It’s one of the best times I know for my parents, and as my brothers’ and sisters’ families grow, it becomes more and more of an experience as parents.

To finish this launch to the holiday season off, I want to throw one more tradition out there that I’m one of the few people I know get stoked about, and that’s egg nog. Now I don’t drink so I’m talking just the egg nog that comes in cartons at the grocery store. I could drink 18 glasses of that in a day, granted I’d puke my brains out, but it’s delicious. There is also the newly discovered gingerbread frappuccino from Starbucks that I would highly recommend if you feel like spending $384 on a coffee. It’s delicious, but jesus is it expensive.

I hope everybody has a great Thanksgiving and if you go out on Black Friday just have fun. Remember, those who work in retail are there to make it fun too, the happier you are, the happier we are, and ultimately that’s the goal. You’re braver than I am for standing in the lines and waiting on those key items, but remember the best part of the holidays is spent with family, so at least gather around and watch some professional ping pong or something on that new 94” television you got on black friday with your family.


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