The Quarter Mark – WBC 25

I have to say when I started this weekly blog challenge, I didn’t truly think I would stick with it as long as I have. I do have to contribute that to the participation of my best bud Tippin. Regardless of what kind of goofy ideas I come up with, I can always count on him to have my back and say go for it. If he wasn’t posting weekly as well I don’t know that I would have made it 25 weeks. I know I missed a week, and he may have to, but at this point it isn’t as much as posting within a given week, as it is just maintaining a recurring blog. I commend him on continuing his as well, and he writes far more intelligent things than I do, so check it out if you get a chance HERE.

I actually wrote a blog late one night, I believe it was last Sunday, that I intended to post on Monday, but never did. It involved some things I had been reading on gun control, religion(more so extremist than casual religious folks) and Obama criticizers. To refrain from going in to too much detail I was really annoyed and wrote a passionate little post, but after re-reading it, the next day I decided to scrap it. Not that I didn’t still agree with what I was writing, but I wasn’t a fan of how it was written and felt too anger filled. It’s something I’m trying to work on, and making sure when I post, I don’t sound like a whining wussy pants. Ultimately I’m glad I scrapped it, just because I’d rather write something with a way more positive vibe. Thus this blog has arisen.

I’m embarking upon a rare 5 day vacation from work. I don’t know how I managed to get 5 days off just before the busiest weekend of the holidays, but I guess it was due to the many hours I contributed in the last couple of months. I won’t argue with it, but I do feel a little guilty that I’m off and the rest of the supervisor team has to endure the crazy customers and late hours. I have to say the group I work with at JCPenney(JCP) are a pretty swell group of people. Not only are they great at what they do, but we have all developed a bond that goes beyond just work, and we are willing to look out for each other and help other in environments other than work. I know that if they ever found work elsewhere, then it would be hard to stay at JCP, just knowing how hard everyone works to make our store a great one. Not to say I’d quit if they all left, but after 5 years of working together, you build a trust and chemistry that will get work done, but also makes the days a whole lot easier.

Anyway, today is Christmas with my side of the family. It should be crazy having like 12 kids running around my parents house. It’s going to be especially fun seeing Ricky playing with his two cousins that are just two months older than he is. Seeing them grow and do things, is like a 2 month preview of what we can expect from Ricky. It’s pretty cool. I can’t believe Ricky is going to be a year in just over a month, it blows my mind. The last year has flown by and has been a blur. It seems like just yesterday that Jen and I were killing the day waiting to go to the hospital so she could be induced. It has been a nonstop ride at about 300mph since then, but I wouldn’t change a thing. After his birthday, then it’s the wedding that’s next. 2013 is going to be just as nuts I think.

I started this weekly blog challenge on July 2, and it’s now December 22. It may not seem that long, but maintaining a blog for longer than a month is a dramatic accomplishment for me, and here I am adding it in to my routine, and I’ve even added a video blog along with it. That’s a little trickier to do, but am enjoying it as well. It has been a good 25 weeks and I look forward to 27 more weeks, when I’ll hit the full year mark. It’s been a good one so far and I look forward to 2013 a lot. It’s pretty good the world didn’t end yesterday.

I hope everyone has a great holiday, and you all get a Creepy Crawlers set for Christmas. I am excited to spend a lot of time with family in the next few days and not have to work about work. Good stuff.


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