To A Wonderful Woman: Part 1 – WBC 33

This is not going to be a full fledged dedication to my Grandma Bumeter, but it is I think fitting to share just a few words about what has happened, and what is coming in the next few days. My Grandma, whom is one of the most spirited and amazing ladies I will ever have the pleasure of knowing passed away yesterday afternoon. It was something we were expecting, but she hung in there and outlasted any expectations.

I know that when somebody passes, it seems fitting to then gloat about how amazing of a person they are. Even those who may not necessarily deem fit for praise, still find a way to gain it when their time is up. That is not the case with my Grandma whom truly was a kind and inspiration person. She always treated those around with with the highest level of respect, and would not hesitated to go out of her way to help others. Though recently, she was kind of restrained to a chair, she still did things exactly the way she wanted to.

I’m not really sure what emotions are going through me right now. I don’t know if it hasn’t sunk in yet that she’s gone, or if I’ve prepared myself for her passing. I didn’t cry when I got the news, and I do not know if I will cry at the visitation or funeral. I don’t feel like the lack of tears means I have no emotion about her passing, but I think I am truly realizing how special she was, and that celebrating a great life, is how I view it. He final days were filled with friends and family making phone calls or stopping by. She got to see her two sons on a more than regular basis. My dad moved up there for the final month to help tend to her.

She really did live an amazing life, and I don’t think she regretted anything about it. Maybe that’s why her passing hasn’t hit me as a saddening event, but more of the fact that she conveyed exactly how to live your life. Did she endure pain, suffering, highs and lows, yes, but she never let it effect how she was going to treat somebody. Even in her later days when I spoke on the phone, she remained strong and happy.

My grandma was the last remaining grandparent I had, and now that she has passed, you truly realize that the amount of time we’re given on earth, though so minimal to the grander scheme of things, can still be filled with a huge impact. I myself am so proud that she got to meet my son Ricky, and though he will never really know her, the memories I have, will help tell her story. The picture I have of the two of them together will put a smile to those stories, one that I got to see a fair share of, but still can probably say not enough.

My Grandma meeting Ricky

I know I will miss my Grandma, just as I miss all grandparents who have passed, but even down to her final days, she was an amazing woman, and I’m proud to have had her meet my son and my future wife. So for now, I want to say thank you to my Grandma Bumeter, who made her grandkids lives 100X better just by getting to know her, and here is to the celebration of an amazing life, you played the hand you were dealt with flying colors.


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