Hockey A Love/Hate Relationship – WBC 35

Last night was supposed to be an amazing night of hockey. It was the Blues versus Blackhawks. One of the best rivalries, not only in hockey, but in sports in general. The Blackhawks were riding an 18-game unbeaten streak in regulation (18-0-3). The Blues were looking to end that streak, send the Blues’ fans home happy, and the Blackhawks fans and players back to Chicago bummed out.

This scenario is the complete opposite of what happened. Not only did the Blues lose, but they lost in a fashion that made me never want to watch another game of hockey for as long as I live. This feeling lasted only until this morning, but you get my point.

The Blues have never won a Stanley Cup, while the Blackhawks won one only a few years back. This allows our argument (Blues fans) to be so invalid with anything else because Blackhawk fans can always follow up with “well where’s your Stanley Cup?” Those jerks.

The funny thing about last night, was that I wanted so bad to be angry and ticked off at Chicago. I wanted to be able to say, “well that bad call cost us.” I had no basis to say any of these things because the Blues played THAT BAD. I felt like I was watching a high school hockey game, which that in itself may come off as more of a compliment than should be given. It was frustrating in every aspect of the game. There just seemed to be absolutely no heart or passion in the game, at any point.

Let me clarify that I’m not jumping ship by any means, and I will continue to watch every Blues game I can that does not fall on a work night. I just have such a passion for this team, that seeing them fail, is like seeing my own child under perform, when I know they can do so much better.

I think this is a feeling that any sports fan has at one point in time dealt with, but since it is so fresh in my mind, I felt the validity of it as my blog a fine option. On the good side, the Blues play Edmonton tonight, which means they can bounce back. I know they can be a great team, and I know they have some key injuries, but so do a lot of other teams. If they would have gone down with a fight I would have felt a little bit better about it. They just seemed so sloppy and carefree. I hope to hear that the game tonight goes 200% better, and the come out with at least a stronger effort. That is something I won’t know until 10pm tonight, but I’m hoping for the best.

To make the night just a little more bitter, I got to my car after an atrocity of a game, only to find a $25 parking ticket on my car. Very nice.



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