Motivation Versus Results, Help? – WBC 37

I wish I had a dollar for every new project or venture I took excitement in on this here Internet. I have started so man blogs, video shows, podcasts and who knows what other types of projects, without every following through on any of them, but this weekly blog challenge.

It’s something that I can’t quite figure out. I don’t understand what it is about ME that prevents me from following through on things. It seems like I have such excitement for things, but I then lose interest shortly after. It really truly hit me tonight, but stemmed a little bit from a comment one of my best friends made to me on my blog about my video blog (Tippin I’m looking at you). I’m not at all like bitter or hostile about the comment, because he’s like 300% right. I don’t know why I can’t follow through on things.

Is this a trait that is changeable? Am I trying to do too much, or are my eyes bigger than my “stomach” if you will. I tend to see things on a larger final scale, but don’t realize how truly hard it is to get to that point. I also am not a patient person, and wanting instant gratification is a major flaw for me I think.

I guess I’m asking for some helpful tips from anybody who reads this. How do you follow through with things? What keeps you motivated even when you feel tired, lazy or just not in to it some times?

I think the best phrase that I heard that I can apply to myself is “Jack of all trades, master of none.” To be completely honest, this was a thing brought up in a work review as well, and though my work ethic and dedication is never questioned, I don’t want to be somebody who tries to help everybody, and never gets core things 100% done.

I get so excited about things, and have such high hopes in my abilities, but I can let myself down when I realize I’m not following through on hardly anything. It’s a bitter frustration that I’m not sure how you change. That’s why I need your help with what you may suggest to help complete things or how to change the way I am.

I thank anybody who contributes, and I appreciate you reading. 2 hours away from missing this week. Phew!



5 Replies to “Motivation Versus Results, Help? – WBC 37”

  1. It depends on the goals you are setting. Don’t set too many. I always set too many. Pick one, and make sure you’re doing it because you want to. Don’t set great expectations. Do it because you want to. It’s always about the whole body of work, and not the bits and pieces

    The problem is finding things that you think will interest other people. It also depends where you want to take this. Obviously you put 40 hours in elsewhere and it’s hard to dedicate more time to this. Many of these websites that got huge were pet projects that people dedicated hours and money to, to get to where they are today. Sometimes it really is about finding a niche and sticking to it.

    SEO tips: Outside of meta-tagging, the longer your site is around and the more active it is, the more it will show up. Granted this is a blog website, but if your goal is traffic, maybe you do need to advertise, or push this out to other websites. Add it to your bio for GigaPunch and have it link to the site. You can pull traffic from there if you write attractive articles. It also helps to keep articles consistent with what you are writing at GigaPunch too.

    In most of these goals, just like me, i’m assuming the instant gratification is recognition and interaction. That is the hardest thing to get right away, and even harder to do when you don’t finish the job. I got a piano and got so excited, but I’ve now put it on hold because getting my master’s takes up so much time. You have to pick your battles and take it from there. We are the instant gratification generation. You just need to bear down and do it, and be satisfied with the fact that you did it, and be proud of the body of work/new skill you put together.

    That was long enough to be a blog post for me!


  2. by the end of tomorrow, let’s give each other 3 options for topics to write about this week and we have to pick one. That doesn’t mean we can’t do others, but let’s change it up and stretch our brains a bit


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