If I Could Open A Business – WBC 39.2

For the last 2 weeks my buddy Tippin and I have been exchanging random topics to write about for our blogs. We normally give each other 3 different options, and some times a 4th for bonus points. He supplied me with some pretty good topics, and choosing just to write about one can kind of hold back some solid material. So here is one of the other topics that Tippin provided me to write on. Enjoy!

Realistically if you could open a business, what would it be?

I haven’t thoroughly sat down and thought out a well organized business plan or anything for this answer, but keeping within reason, I do think I have a business in mind that I would thoroughly enjoy.

2 things I have always enjoyed are video games and making videos. I spent the last 21 years give or take playing video games. I can’t date back to the Atari or Commodore 64, but I was thoroughly engaged in some old NES gaming. Since then I have always had the most recent generation of console, not every one, but I always kept up to date with gaming.

One of the things I always enjoyed reading, and now watching are video game reviews. I didn’t get really in to reading them until the Nintendo 64 released Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. From then on I always look to see what critics say about gaming. What really got my attention were video reviews of games. I loved hearing commentary of games, while seeing actual gameplay footage instead of just screen shots.

I would love to start a company that reviews games. I think it would be fun not only to dive in to a game and all it offers, but to then go about and create a form of entertaining review would be a blast. I would love to work in a culture where you discuss video games as the norm. The idea of capturing footage, editing it together, and doing voiceover just excites me. I know it’s probably an over saturated industry, but how cool it is to be a part of one of the ever quickly changing gaming industry.

I don’t know if I would so much care about being the biggest gaming media outlet in the world, I think IGN already has a solid lock on that, but I would love to just be around and working in those two areas.

So ultimately as tough a business as this would be to get really make any money in, it would be a great environment to work in. Is every game going to be great? No. Are most games going to be utterly terrible? Most likely. But there is something intriguing about that field that constantly grabs my attention, despite my enthusiasm for gaming having being put on the back burner a bit after becoming a dad, but I do still enjoy the hobby even if my grammar skills are horrific.

There may be other business ventures I would embark on if I gave it more thought.


One Reply to “If I Could Open A Business – WBC 39.2”

  1. That’s the point of that blog option – to facilitate…now go do it. Start by either posting reviews here or on a separate blog. YouTube video comments, build a body of work, then reach out to other outlets!


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