Lola – WBC 46

Ladies and gentlemen, as if having a 15-month old son and 2 cats was not enough, the Bumeter-Meier household has now added Lola. Who is Lola you may ask? Is she another child you’re having? No. Is she a pet iguana that will stock the rodents of your front yard? No. Lola is a Lab/Jack Russel mix that Jen essentially fell in love with, and I have no power to say no towards. Jen found a girl on Craiglist who had a friend of their’s who was going to take her to a shelter, but they took her instead of home of finding her a new home. After Jen spoke with the girl a bit, she decided we could take her and here she is.






So far it has been a bit of a transition for the two cats we have. Our large man coon cat Ryan, has actually taken pretty well to Lola. He keeps his distance for the most part, but doesn’t hiss or growl at Lola. Charlie on the other hand, seems to want nothing to do with her. He does hiss and has taken a couple of swats at Lola’s face. Lola now kind of recognizes that she probably is best to just steer clear of Charlie for now. Overall though, the transition to a dog in the house has been pretty good.

The funniest thing to watch is Ricky and Lola chasing each other, because essentially they’re just two little kids. They both stumble around, and aren’t completely coordinated. Their sizes match perfectly as if I had a big dog of my own. Lola unfortunately won’t get too big, but that does leave room down the road to get a bigger dog. Obviously, that will be well down the road.

Lola has been the biggest thing going on in the house right now, I almost forgot about this blog again. That is 2 weeks in a row that I’ve realized I hadn’t written a blog and it’s saturday night and almost midnight. I’m going to see if I can write another blog to be for this upcoming week, that way I don’t wait until the last minute.

I’m watching a show on the Discovery Channel about the possibility of a zombie attack actually happening. As interesting as it sounds, the way they are describing incidents, just don’t sound like real zombie attacks. I don’t mean back from the dead, but they were referencing the guy in Miami who was chewing that other dude’s face off. Maybe I can list that one as having some sort of characteristics, but some of the others are more of a cannibalistic attack then a “zombie” attack. Who knows, and most of “zombie” stuff is more Hollywood than there being a true chance, but if it were, it would be a disease type of thing that causes it. All I know is that if a zombie attack happens, I’ll grab my Xbox 360 controller and see if I can kill them with that.


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