State of Decay – WBC 50

I have to say I don’t play too many video games these days, as much as I did in high school and college. I guess it’s funny when you begin getting big boy responsibilities, you realize your priority list shifts a bit. With that said I still will put in some hours on a select few titles that will last me most of the year, the NHL series from EA Sports and the WWE series which is now with 2K are two games that I could play for an extended amount of time.

Recently I was watching a preview stream of this Xbox Live Arcade game that was coming out called State of Decay. Again, I don’t follow the gaming world incredibly heavy, so there aren’t many games I really get too excited for when I hear about them. This one for some reason seemed to catch my attention though, and for $20 it at least deserved some further investigation. What I found was an open world game, similar to that of GTA, but with zombies, which when packaged together turns in to an incredibly fun title.

I’ve probably on dabbed about 4-6 hours in to the game so far, but there is something great about either grabbing a car, sneaking around, or just sprinting your butt off to a location while avoiding, or in the sense of a car just demolishing zombies. What makes this game really fun though, is that you do have to kind of pick your battles a bit. I’m one of those people who played Skyrim and couldn’t resist the urge to just murder innocent people in the town. That may sound weird, but anybody who has played that game knows the temptation, and also sometimes the consequences. With State of Decay you realize that you could go in and go on a zombie killing spree, but if you alert a hoard of zombies, you’ll find yourself dead in no time. That is why when you have various missions that involve getting from point A to B, you realize that cars are too loud, and sneaking through the bushes can be just as exhilarating and rewarding.

What’s also cool about State of Decay is the fact that you don’t really have to wait until a certain point to explore much of the world, and you have access to almost any store, house or building in the city that you can search for resources or weapons. While doing this you can develop a variety of safe houses, or fall back locations that you can barricade up to help prevent a hoard of zombies from breaking in, for at least a short time.

What I think is ultimately the best thing about State of Decay is that it’s an arcade game. It’s not meant to be a $60 full retail disc game, and you do see a few graphical kinks here and there, but for it being a $20 downloadable title, you really get a lot of bang for your buck. I think the only thing missing from it, which would have been awesome is multiplayer, and being able to go through the story with a friend or two. Maybe it will show up in a sequel if it sells well enough, but I could easily see tons of fun with the open world environment.

If you have an Xbox and $20 I would highly recommend this game, and believe me I don’t say that with a ton of games. It’s a great deal, and just a fun experience. I look forward to exploring more of the world and playing through the game, maybe multiple times, there is just so much to do.


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