I Made It – WBC 52

So leave it to me, that the very last blog I have to write for this weekly blog challenge is done at 11:06pm on Saturday night. Not to say I haven’t been late on a few blogs, but this is my kind of crowning moment of my year long challenge myself and my best bud Tippin have embarked on.

This has been a rather big deal for me, because I’m not so great at following through on things or projects I set out on. I have probably planned about 25 different podcasts, a dozen video blog series, and countless other blogs, and I will probably plan numerous ones in the future. I guess I’m consistent at that though right?

What has been really nice about this blog is I have been gradually seeing more and more followers, likes and just general views to my site then I did really ever before. I guess that’s how blogging works, if you continually do it, then you will generate traffic to your blog and people will stumble across it. I know a lot of my posts didn’t merit anything remarkable, but my goal was truly for myself. I wasn’t setting out to get so many viewers or followers, I just wanted to prove to myself that I can actually keep a blog on a weekly basis for a year, and I did that. Like I said, I did have a few hiccups where I’d miss my deadline, but since it was a rule really set out for myself to follow, I won’t be too hard on myself.

I have to thank Tippin for keeping up with me, because he did encourage me more than a few times to not only write my blog for the week, but just motivated me by leaving comments and writing on his own blog. His Blog is here and probably contains a lot more thought provoking material. He just finished his blog challenge as well. Congrats Tippin!

Now that I have finished this goal, I have been considering taking on a new challenge, something more entertaining, than just writing. I think my ultimate goal is to have a consistent podcast and maybe even establish an audience. I went to school for broadcasting, and though I never finished my degree (it will be done someday) I do still have a passion for that type of medium.  I actually have been thinking of just a mellow not so structured podcast just to get my feet wet. Something that is pretty simple and doesn’t require a major niche or topic to cover. Something that can be done with some friends who don’t have to be experts on this or that, but that is something I’m hoping I can work to start doing as an addition to this, but we will see.

Ultimately I just appreciate all of the support and encouragement I’ve gotten doing this. That pertains to anybody who stopped by and read my blog, liked it, commented and followed. My biggest motivation is knowing at least 1 person is getting some form of entertainment or enjoyment out of it. So now It’s on to year 2 I guess. I don’t see a reason why I should stop now, but maybe if I get a podcast going on a regular basis, that will help push this along too.

Thank you all for reading my thoughts and stories and opinions for the last year!

Weekly Blog Challenge Week 52 Complete


One Reply to “I Made It – WBC 52”

  1. Keep blogging. Do it when the mood strikes. Try to start the podcast every two weeks. If you can, make it a specific day. Congrats sir!


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