WBC 2.18 – The Facebook Share Button: A Platform for Nonsense and False Information

You know what’s great about the Internet? The almost unlimited amount of information you can find about anything in the world. There are very few topics that at least one person hasn’t written a blog about, or done a YouTube video on. We live in an age where if you don’t know something, then the most common response can be “well I’ll just Google it.” We type in our best attempt at explaining what we’re looking for and BAM! We have a 27,000 articles related to what we’re looking for. It’s on demand news in the palm of our hands, or I guess, fingertips.

This sounds great and dandy to those who use this newly found information for good, but as the saying goes “with great power comes great responsibility.” This ever so important piece of advice from Uncle Ben in Spider-Man has been lost upon the population that inhabits the social media world of Facebook.



There seems to be two types of people that I see sharing stories on my Facebook feed. There are those that I know will actually look in to what they are reading, and at first take it with a grain of salt until they do a little more work and research. Many times it can be just reading through the comments section to see if the article is actually just nonsense or if there is some legitimate points made. I can’t stress the appreciation I have for people group number one who take the time to read something that they approve of and then say, “well let me make sure this is correct.” The problem is this group is a far slimmer population than group number two, which has become more and more frightening.

Group number 2, who I’m sure we all know and have friends, are those who will see stories that either appeal to their religions, political or even conspiracy beliefs and without an ounce of thought, will press the share button like they’re in a quick draw showdown in the wild west. One of the most recent items I have seen is the microchipping of all Americans come 2017. I mean, don’t get me wrong, my wife and I will be expecting a daughter later this year, and I, like many other fathers I’m sure would approve of this method when she turned 13.

Here’s the thing, the people who post these nonsensical posts, share them, and for many, they look and say “that is the dumbest thing I have ever heard.” Again, that number seems to be far less than the ones who read the headline and say “I knew Obama would do this, I’m going to share this too so people know.” The problem is that people have lost any relevance of making sure a story, or even a source is credible. People are so eager to be the first, or one of the first to share shocking news, that they tend to look past actual facts. The even scarier trend that is developing, is that this is beginning to become a pattern with actual news sources. With the 24-hour news cycles we have, it’s dog eat dog to see who can get the most up-to-date news before somebody else does. A lot of the times unfortunately, this comes with errors and unreliable sources.


I can’t really reach out to CNN or Fox News or MSNBC and say, hey stop being a  shitting news source, but I can reach out to you who tend to share this nonsense to your friends on Facebook. I know you want to show how crappy Obama is, or how God really does exist, but make sure what you’re posting has some logic behind it. I’ve read articles that will say “religion is debunked, christians are furious” only to read on and realize that this is just as biased as wanting to show Obama wanting to microchip people. We have seen how fast stories can spread around social media, and all it takes are a few people to re-post something that is false, before it blows up all over the Internet. Please, use your powers wisely. Read in to what you’re posting and read what others are saying about it. Despite how much you dislike something, you’re only making yourself look like a doofus by posting something that is so far-fetched that people lose site of what was actually being posted and look at you and say, “wow that person must be a complete moron for posting that.”


Please Facebook friends, don’t be that person. Don’t be the one that who posts articles or stories based solely on headlines. I know it’s hard, I know the eagerness to prove somebody wrong is there, but you’re doing a disservice to society by spreading propaganda around. Do a little research, if it’s something you really feel is true, then get a hard source on it and post that. I’m not saying you can’t post something on why religion is true or Obama is right or why the sky is blue, but find credible sources. Don’t take it from a website called obamaiswrongandshouldbeimpeached.com because odds are the facts are bent just a bit.

Side note, purchase domain above and make it all about the history of the Muppets.

That is my rant for the day, just be a service to humanity and help make the world a better place. And for the love of god, stop that asshole who just stole the money from that booker before he shoots Uncle Ben!!

Stop Him



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