WBC 2.23 – Building Work Ethic

When it comes to being productive at my “actual job” I must say I’m pretty good. I don’t mind working over time and I try not to stray away from work for too long. When it comes to being productive at home, I probably wouldn’t hire me. I have a really hard time focusing or getting motivated to complete tasks when I get home. I always seem to really get inspired in the middle of my work day, but when I get home, all of that motivation is gone. I am kind of envious of those who are “workaholics” because they can just work their butts off, and their success most of the time is correlated to that hard work. That’s something I really am going to work on. I want to start channeling a way to start to be more productive at home and get things done. I also find I spend a lot of extra time not really doing anything. I’ll be sitting on my phone looking through Facebook, Twitter or more recently, playing Clash of Clans. I like checking in on those things, but I can’t count how much time I sit and look at the same thing over and over again looking for an update. I hope I can change that, but just like anything else, it’s going to take work. I want to build a strong at home work ethic. I want to feel like, at the end of the day, I accomplished something productive.


Something I have noticed with a lot of people who work their butts off, is that they have a structure or schedule to what they are doing. They know what they have planned for that day, and I think that keeps them in line to get things done. I want to start scheduling what I am going to do for the day by using a calendar to set reminders. Despite the effort it may take, I WANT to have stuff to do during the day. I want to feel accomplished at the end of the day and not like I was just sitting around.


It’s not like I need a million things on one day, but knowing that I have these things schedule, and even setting up an estimated time frame will help. It has to be better than taking things as I feel, because that leads to very little getting done and a lot more naps being taken. I also want to balance this with time with my family. My wife and son are my two biggest priorities and as much as I want to be work oriented, I want them to know they are my first and foremost interest.


Fight Laziness

This is probably the biggest one for me.  It’s easy to get home from work and say, “eh I worked all day, I can take it easy now.” It was a bit of a different story when I was getting up at 3:30am and getting home around 4 or 5pm. That does weigh a bit on you, and I was worthless all around. Now I’m on a more set schedule, and I am not nearly as tired as I used to be getting off work. I also need to fight the urge to just sit on the couch and watch TV. I really don’t watch much television to begin with. For the most part I watch hockey, Game of Thrones and WWE on Mondays and when there is a PPV on Sundays. Outside of that, I just watch TV to pass time. Laziness is the most simplest cop out for not getting things done. I think 90% of work ethic is mental, and being able to tell yourself you “need to do this.” I want to work on that a lot!


Starting with these two areas are going to be my start to fighting my lack of work ethic at home. I’m ready (today) to go and get things done, and not just go lounge around. I am cool with those moments, but I want to be getting stuff done more so than not. Wish me luck, because it will take a lot of self-motivation to keep this going. I haven’t been the best keeping consistency going, but if I can start building habits, then I may have a better shot.



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