Rock Paper Podcast (Inside the Episode) – Episode 5 Steve Ewing

As some of you may know, I cohost a podcast called Rock Paper Podcast on iTunes. During the first few episodes we would do a little introduction to who we were talking to and what it was like to speak with them. In the last few episodes we decided to change that and start the shows with our guest doing a little plug.

With that change I decided I would do a little “behind the episode” blog for each show to talk a little more about my experience with each episode and interview. I will talk about what I did to get ready for it, and how each episode went down. I hope you enjoy my little insight to each episode. The first one will cover Episode 5, Steve Ewing.

Up until episode 5, Shane and I had always interview just mutual friends of ours who were doing cool stuff. Mike Garcia and Mike Howington were both guys we went to high school with, and Wade Trent was somebody that Shane had gotten to know pretty well and seen play numerous times. I had more anxiety and nervousness going in to this interview than any others because there felt like a little more at stake.

Let me give a little background on Steve Ewing. He is a pretty well known staple in the St. Louis area. His band The Urge has had pretty good success, and he himself has also done pretty well as a solo artist and now with his new business Steve’s Hot Dogs on the Hill. To add to that, he took time out of a pretty busy week to sit down with 2 pretty new podcasters. Not only was his crowd funding campaign for a new shop coming to an end at the end of the week, but The Urge was also playing a pretty huge show at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in St. Louis with the band 311. I’d definitely be lying if I didn’t say I was nervous to interview Steve.

I think Shane was probably a little more calm with the process because he has actually become friends with Steve, which is awesome. For me, it was the first time I had ever met him.

The interview itself went pretty well, and I can’t be more complimentary of how awesome of a guy Steve was. Again, the fact that he had a lot going on, and he still took the time out to sit down for an hour and chat with us was awesome. It was by far the biggest interview we had done so far on this show, and that’s not to take anything away from the previous guests. I was just a little starstruck, and nervous in hopes that Steve wouldn’t feel like we were wasting his time.

It was a great interview, and it was funny to bring up the show Yo Gabba Gabba, only to find out that Steve was actually a guest on the live show in St. Louis in 2011. As many of you may know, my son is obsessed with the show and we had actually taken him to the live show just a year later.

So far doing this podcast is one of the most fun and creative things I have been a part of. Shane and I are legitimately trying to build this into something special and possibly a career possibility down the line. Right now though, we’re just refining the show each episode to make it better and better. We compliment the heck out of each other’s skills and it has paid off.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into the episode, and I hope to do this with each episode the day following its real ease.



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