WBC 2.30 – Sprinkle

There have been a few things I have learned when it comes to having our second child. First, it was brought to my attention that when we have our little girl, when Jen is away, it will be my responsibility to find a matching hair bow to put in her hair. Now the importance in this is not simply putting one on her, but making sure that it coordinates with her outfit. Updates to come on how this goes down when she is born.

Something else I did not know existed is a thing called a “sprinkle.” When you have your first baby, you are normally given a baby shower. This is to help you with a lot of things that are needed to responsibly take care of a child. When the second child comes around, this shower, is a little less intense, thus called a “sprinkle.” It’s essentially a baby shower, but since you’ve been through one baby, it’s not as expected to receive gifts as extravagant for the second one. I never knew a sprinkle was even a thing, but I do appreciate Jen’s friend Sara for organizing and throwing it for us. I never expect gifts for anything, and have no ill feelings for people who came over and just hung out. I always find that more important, but obviously the plethora of pink items doesn’t hurt. It was also a fun time for my son to get out and play in our mini pool and the water slide Jen’s aunt and uncle brought over.

Ricky Playing in the Water

As is a pattern, when there is something of major importance, my best friend Tippin is cool enough to make an appearance. It just worked out this time that he had to actually pick up his guitar from a previous visit, but this was a good “excuse” for him to come down. Obviously it’s an ongoing joke, he’s a great friend and for him and Jacquline to come down and hangout is always awesome. They’re great people, and you always learn something new. Something this time around I learned, is that my wife Jen and his girlfriend Jacqueline both can hold their own when it comes to horrible thoughts. We played a little game called “Words Against Humanity” and some of the responses I thought for sure was Tippin was my wife or Jacqueline. It was probably one of the funnest and most hilarious games I have ever played. I would love to play Citadels next time their in town, as there are very few people who will take the time to learn a new game.

Tippin and Jacqueline

Outside of that, the days off have been pretty good. We recorded a new episode of Rock Paper Podcast with the Paranormal Task Force, which was a fun episode. I look forward to releasing it tomorrow. Shane also went and picked up some business cards and stickers for the show. Things are going good with the show, and we even picked up our first sponsor for the show. I’m hoping we can help them out as much as they are throwing our way financially. It’s nice being a part of something that is really gaining some traction. Anybody who has known me and podcasts, knows how many failed attempts there have been.

Business Cards

I go back to work tomorrow which I always dread because of the 3 days off in a row I get each week. With every podcast we record, it makes me realize how much I want to do that for a living. I hope everyone is having a good week so far, and if you get a chance, please go check out our podcast.


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