WBC 2.32 – Vow Renewal

This weekend was another reminder of how much of an impact my parents have had on people’s lives. I find that those who will take a saturday and support two people renewing their wedding vows, must mean that my parents hold some form of importance in their lives. Those who came out, I’m sure would have the favor returned to them by my parents as well.


It was 35 years ago (August 2nd) that my parents married. For those playing at home, on August 17th, Jen and I will be celebrating our first anniversary. It’s safe to say we’ve got ways to go. My parents are incredible role models to my siblings, and I think the little personality traits that separate each brother and sister, are directly borrowed from one or both of my parents. Some of those traits like humor, creativity and compassionate run through all of my siblings, and those are some of my favorite things about them.

I have to be honest and say a lot of the physical work that went into getting this event to happen was completed by my siblings. I believe that my sister Casey was probably the ring leader, and kudos to her. She did an amazing job.  Unfortunately, due to my work schedule, the times they got together to decorate or work on things, I was at work.


In the end, the most important thing my parents wanted was for us to all be together as a family, and we were. My sister Dawn flew in from North Carolina with her family, and having all the families together for a big pictures is rare. We were able to get one, but I think Ricky my son was not in the mood.

The ceremony and day really went off without a hitch. I showed up around 11am to bring some food, and some of my sisters and in-laws were still getting things set up. The plan was for the ceremony to start at 3pm. I think it kicked off a little late, but what wedding actually starts on time.

I had my moments of frustration after the ceremony because my son was a mess without a nap, and did not want to cooperate on any aspect. Keep in mind he is 2-and-a-half. He eventually fell asleep in a swing I was pushing him in, and Jen’s mom took him home for the day. I am still not really the social butterfly that my brothers and sisters are. I’ve never been one to go out with them really just because bars and things are not really my scene. Please don’t take this as a bash on them, because they just go out and have a good time, for me though it’s just not something I feel comfortable with. That’s why after the ceremony I was kind of good to go if need be. I don’t socialize with many, and most of the folks there were people I didn’t really know.

In the end though I did unwind a little bit and watched the kids dance to songs I had no idea existed, and even more so, dances I did not even know existed. I also found myself cracking up when my dad was attempting, quite well I might add, at doing the “wobble.”


It was a great night and the fact is it was about my parents day. I think they enjoyed every moment of it, and again I can’t stress how great of work my siblings did putting this together from yard maintenance to get it ready for a wedding, getting decorations put up, or getting a music playlist and audio good to go. Everybody made the one event amazing.

It was a Bumeter party for sure, and we had a blast!

2 Replies to “WBC 2.32 – Vow Renewal”

  1. Chris, it was a wonderful day , you have a great family and it shows through the love that your parents have for each other….and thats what people were there for to celebrate their love….as for Ricky, timing is everything……toddlers teach us that…..I’m sure that your family understands the time restrictions you are under with new job and Jen about to pop….it is a very stressful and wonderful at the same time….all in all it was a beautiful day with great food family and friends…..and that was the reason for the day…..so happy to be included…and most of all so happy your my son in-law , you’re are doing a great job……XOXOX


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