WBC 2.33 – Bad Habits (Health)

You know that time in your life when you look at your habits when it comes to nutrition and health and say, “dude what the heck am I doing to myself?!” Most of those thoughts probably come around at the end of December as we plan our new year’s resolutions. For me it has weighed a lot on my mind as of late as my wife and I are expecting our second child in just a week or so. It has made me think about making sure I am there for my kids as long as I can, and I feel like the things I eat, and my recent lack of exercise can play a part in preventing that. Let’s do a quick overview of me to give you an idea of what I’m working with here.

I’m 28-years-old and have always been more on the skinny side. Today, I am about 5’11 and weigh in at 150lbs. During my college years I had a hard time breaking 140lbs, but with age and less exercise can come some added bulk. In the last year I really haven’t done much exercising, and my eating habits are probably under the classification of horrific. The only thing I do have going for me on a health level is that I don’t drink or do any sort of drugs. I know that only gets you so far, as the eating poorly and not taking care of yourself is what will get you. Lately, with my job in IT where I basically sit at a desk for 4 days a week, I find myself drinking energy drinks and eating gummy bears or slim jims. I have a hard time eating a solid meal at work, and normally I may eat something when I get home. That substantial meal is not much better as I can’t say they’re healthy. I am a sucker for sweet, and I hear a lot of times that sugar and caffeine are addictions, and maybe that’s true too, but either way I want to get myself out of the horrible habits I’m in. I want to exercise again and eat healthy, not just for me, but for my family. I know I’m only 28, which I’m not sure you are still able to use the word “only” with that, but I do still feel young. I want to make sure I try and get rid of these habits before it’s too late and any damage is done.

The bit obstacle I have is knowing what is actually good to eat. I had a friend tell me that if it has “ingredients” on the box, then it’s probably junk. I hear a lot of people saying that you need to eat a lot of vegetables, but the problem I have is incorporating these tips in to healthy meals and not just spastic trends that maybe I eat this here and there. I want to make it a lifestyle change. Another tip from that same person is that I need to spend more time in the kitchen, cooking and preparing my foods. I’m all for this, but I need some help discovering what is within reason not just in my capabilities, but also financially. What kind of meals can I make for my family for breakfast, dinner and even lunch that will provide a nutritious diet, but also not break the bank when I go to get these things from the store. I’ve heard to plan out meals week by week or even for the month, but I guess I need realistic recipes or dinners that I can make.

I think I’m more concerned with my diet and eating habits, then I am exercise. I really want to get back in to running, and have been thinking about trying DDPYoga, but all of that is void if I’m eating like crap all the time. So maybe those who read this can help me out with what works for you. I’ll post a few questions that maybe you can answer below to help get me started to a better and healthier lifestyle.

  1. What types of meals do you make throughout the day that are healthy, but also affordable?
  2. What are some good snacks that I could bring to work? I work (2) 8 hour shifts and (2) 12-hour shifts at my job.
  3. Are there nutritious drinks you recommend that aren’t always water, but don’t do more bad than good?
  4. How much do you tend to spend a week on groceries, and how far does it get you? We’re a family currently of 3 (me, my wife and my 2 1/2-year-old son)
  5. Can you share recipes or a good source for recipes to help me eating right?

I know 90% of this is following through, which is another challenge I have. I think if I get in to a routine and comfortable with what I’m doing, then that makes it a load easier to continue doing. I knowt his is probably a broad request and honestly any tips are helpful, but while I’m feeling  inspired to better myself, I wanted to write a blog to see if I can get some input from you all as well. Any questions at all you may have for me fire away, and I’ll be happy to answer them!

P.S. This will end up posting Monday morning (08-11-2014) so I hope to chime in and let you know what I at least went for some kind of jog Monday morning to start my day. Help me change for the better guys!

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