WBC 2.34 – A Peaceful House

So today is going to be the first day in some time that Jen and I will have a day off together. Jen, my wife, recently stopped babysitting as we prepare to welcome our second child here any day now. She was babysitting on some days 4 kids under the age of I think 3 1/2. That includes our son who is 2 1/2. It could get pretty crazy, loud and sometimes frustrating because as everyone knows, kids at that age don’t quite grasp the full concept of listening and reasoning. Now don’t get me wrong because this is not just the kids she would babysit, my son was a pretty heavy culprit too, it will just be nice to handle 1 instead of sometimes 4.

On top of that, we only really had 3 evenings off together. Technically because of the podcast I am a part of, it’s 2 days. She is pretty supportive of that, and outside of work, it’s kind of my one thing I have going on. Normally though she would babysit until about 5ish on Monday through Friday. I then work Thursday-Sunday from times like 2pm-10 or 12-12. I feel like we haven’t really had any full days to just hangout and go do things with our son before the baby. That is why the next few days, barring we don’t have an arrival of the little girl, are so important to us .

We don’t have any plans, but I would like to see if we can fit in some sort of celebration for Jen’s and mine’s first wedding anniversary that was on Sunday (8/17). She also has a doctor’s appointment Tuesday which should give us a more definitive timeline of when the baby will be here. Originally it was no later than August 28th, but by the looks of things, it seems that day is a pretty distant guess now. The baby is getting big, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they set an induction date for the baby girl.

So that’s the gameplan for the next few days, and I’ll keep you all updated on the baby happenings on my Twitter feed. @CBUMETER

Not a huge blog, but I’m excited for just some quiet time with my family for a few days. That’s the important stuff in life.

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