WBC 2.35 – Amelia Rose Bumeter

I’m cutting this blog release pretty close but it has been a busy week! The little girl has officially arrived! Amelia Rose Bumeter was born at 2:11pm on Thursday 8/28. It was a pretty interesting day, but it wasn’t nearly as “intense” as it was when we had Ricky. I think it was the experience that came in to play, and that was why we took the delivery a little more in stride. That is not to say there were moments during the day. Jen was scheduled for induction at 7am, so we got up and both showered and got things packed up and ready to head to the hospital. When you get there they’re kind of expecting you and they set you up in your room.

There were a lot of other babies being induced that day and they don’t rush to get things going. They continually would ask how Jen was feeling. At around noon they broke her water and it wasn’t more than about an hour and a half later that things kicked in to high gear. Jen basically went into full on labor at about 1:45 and Amelia was born at 2:11pm.

We got home with her on Saturday and now we’re just adjusting to life with a second child, but all is seems well. Unfortunately Ricky has strep throat, so we have to steer him clear of the baby for a little bit, but ultimately all is well.

I’m happy Jen is feeling much better after having the baby compared to when she had Ricky. I don’t go back to work until Thursday so it will be nice enjoying those days off with the family. This isn’t a lengthy blog, but time is tight and the energy is low, but I appreciate all of the thoughts and comments for the family as we welcome our awesome new addition tot eh family!


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