WBC 2.36: Cutting It Close

So I have been in a horrible routine of writing my blogs super late. I normally have them completed and  scheduled a few days early. Tonight I’m cutting it a little close as it is now 7:30 and I have to have a blog released before midnight. It’s the rules!

Tonight has been a busy night at work as there have only been 2 of us holding it down since 6pm. It seems like whenever somebody leaves, things go crazy, but we managed. That has prevented me from sitting down and planning out a solid blog. If this one sucks, it’s PeeWee’s fault.

I may be overly excited about the 3 days off coming up. There is no real special reason, outside of the fact that I get to spend the time with my wife and now 2 kids! It’s been awesome having Jen off those days. She was babysitting monday through friday, but it’s just nice now being able to spend some quiet time with them. It gives us the opportunity as well to go do things as a little family. We may not, but knowing the opportunity is there to go is awesome. Now, there is a slight restriction as we have a new baby girl who is just over a week old. Six Flags is kind of out of the question, as well as slayer concerts, but as she gets older, it’s nice to be able to just go spend time with my family. For now, I’m cool chilling at home and pretending I’m going to get the house totally cleaned up.

I’m hoping the next few hours begin to slow down, but with it being a sunday, it may pick up as the rest of the world begins to wake up for their normal monday business hours. Essentially, there are countries already firing away!

Every night I’ve gotten off work this week, I’ve been dreaming about a new podcast. One I can record in my basement, whenever I want. That’s not to say to stop Rock Paper Podcast, that is my main squeeze and I love doing it, but just something I can start up and do with little priority of if I do an episode or not, and more so, to prove to myself that I could maybe create a podcast featuring just myself. JUST to prove that I could maintain it because I think what Shane and I have going right now is gnarly, so it’s my own curiosity to see if I can be entertaining on my own. Probably not, but we’ll see.

There was a delay between these paragraphs as work got crazy again. 4 more hours to go before 3 days off. I’m going to wrap this up but this is one of those “glad I met the deadline” blogs. I’ll make one better for tomorrow.



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