WBC 2.40 – Family Day Out

This passed week was again getting back to normalcy. On Wednesday we celebrated my wife Jen’s birthday by going to the St. Louis Zoo and the West County Mall. It was a fun outing and a perfect day for it. It was something we spontaneously just decided to go do. Normally when you plan a trip to the zoo you try and get an early start. I don’t think we left until about 1:30pm, and it closed at 5pm. No worries though it was still a blast and Ricky loved it.

We had taken Ricky when he was still too young to really know what was going on, but this time, he really had a great time. There is a new exhibit with the Sea Lions, that actually let you walk in a tunnel that is under the tank and they will swim over you. When the sea lions would fly by, Ricky would almost jump back because it would feel like they were coming right from him. It was a very cool attraction, and it made up for the fact that the penguin house was closed due to construction.

There were only a few things we did not get to see at the zoo that are normally regulars and that was the gorillas and the giraffes. As it neared 5pm, it was apparent that was feeding time, so a lot of the animals go in to enclosures to eat. Not all of them, but a good chunk.

After the zoo, we decided to hit the West County mall so Jen could exchange some things at JCPenney. I got her a watch for her birthday, but she doesn’t really wear watches, which I honestly wasn’t sure and told her, if she didn’t think she’d wear it much then we can get something else. We ended up returning it and she picked out some earings and a pretty cool looking ring. During that time I let Ricky run around the little play area they had right outside of JCPenney. He loves that, but I think he would be content to going up and down the escalator all day. That is his main squeeze when he goes to the mall, the kid loves it.

That was the highlight for the week, and it was nice to spend time with my new little family. Ricky got his fill of running around, and I think he really enjoys spending time with Jen and I because he knows there are days I have to go to work and don’t get to see him much since when I get home it’s almost midnight. I do secretly like when I get home sometimes and he’s still up. He is probably driving Jen crazy, but there’s nothing better than seeing his big smile light up when I walk in to the bedroom.

This week is hopefully a pretty low key week. We take Amelia to the doctor for her one month check up, but that’s about it. I really want to make an appointment with the doctors to just get an overall check up. I have not been to the doctor in years and I feel it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get everything checked out as I begin to near that 30-year-old milestone. Still got like a year and a half though so no worries ;-).

I hope everyone else had a great week as well.


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