WBC 2.41 – Content Creator

Some years ago I was introduced to adsense by my cousin Brett. He has been in the realm of making money from content creation and building websites for some time, but at the time I did not really understand what it mean to make money on the Internet or how. Now probably 6 or so years later, probably more, I have become much more interested in content creation, and even had a video go semi viral on Reddit, making it to the front page.

I am now at a point where I am nearing the $100 mark for my videos on Youtube and am really beginning to wonder if I really put some work in to it, if I could build a decent income from creating content on Youtube. As I started to get in to it I thought I would build a channel with a few shows on it. I launched Soapbox Sunday and Over the Top RopeThey did not really produce much, but they were fun to do, but definitely time consuming trying to post videos multiple times in a week.

What I have recently found, is that I can create tutorial videos doing screen capturing that takes far less time to create, upload and release. I have also found that, though my “big” video that has almost 960,000 hits, my video that teaches how to manually add/remove songs to your iPhone has actually been making more money but has far less views. I’m realizing that it’s not necessarily about views as it is content itself. I’m still uncertain how the money is accumulated, but I can definitely see a pattern with tutorial videos versus original fun content.

The hardest part is finding videos to make. I’ve stuck a lot to Garageband, but the ability to capture things from my laptop make the process very easy. I have recently re-purchased my personal domain. For some time if you typed in ChrisBumeter.com it would come here. I decided not to renew the domain, but now have renewed it and hoping to move forward with online content.

Another goal is trying to find a solid way to make a decent income with our podcast Rock Paper Podcast and finding sponsorship for that. It’s definitely difficult to try and make a living on Youtube or the Internet in general, but I believe that if you can find the right content, explain yourself clearly, then you can really have some success amidst the over saturation of videos on Youtube.

Really, I just want to buy a helicopter and then I will stop creating content. Maybe that should be a gofundme idea. We’ll see.


2 Replies to “WBC 2.41 – Content Creator”

  1. Hey Chris, Best of luck to you! I know exactly how you feel right now with the whole making money online venture. I actually found you from the recommended videos on YouTube for a video that i created on How to Make Custom Ringtones on Garageband X. I’m no expert on YouTube or Adsense but i’m seeing similar results with my videos. I’d love to chat with you sometime and share thoughts on the subject. Until the, Take care! – Drew


    1. Hey Drew, yeah I’m still pretty new and probably not as serious as I should be. I get spurts of motivation and inspiration, and it’s juggling that between being a dad of 2, my podcast Rock Paper Podcast and working my full-time job ya know. Obviously those are probably excuses as there’s always time to probably throw together a short video haha. I’m definitely probably in your boat too though where I’m not a real master of Youtube or Adsense, I got lucky with a video I put on Reddit that got quite a bit of views, but nothing of that magnitude since haha


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