WBC 2.45 – Late Night Cleaning Marathon

Do you ever have a whole blog done, and then you decide to just scrap it. I just did that with a blog I had written last weekend to prep for this week’s release. After going back and looking at it, I think it was too random and distracted. So, I’m now sitting here in my basement at about 1am hoping this blog post fairs a little better. I’m proud to say that I am sitting in my newly cleaned basement. With the exception of the carpets needing some major cleaning, I’m pretty proud of how it looks. It’s quite obvious after the fact that the main clutter came from laundry and toys. The laundry is still an issue, but it is out of the basement and in hampers in our laundry room. I lied, they’re in hampers in our basement bathroom, but that does not get used, so I’ll take that, rather than the basement.

I decided to attack the basement late monday night. It was about 11:50pm and I said to myself I was going to make a cup of coffee, put on some headphones and get that disaster cleaned up. Every Thursday when I go back to work I always feel like I completely wasted my days off. This monday I decided that would not be the case. I gathered up a TON of loose toys and put them in one of these Thirty-One bags that we had laying around. That seems to be the largest sum of mess because my son will just grab anything he can and it will end up on the floor. There were also a ton of toys he really doesn’t play with, so I just decided to pack them up and get them out of there. I probably removed 75% of his toys to try and eliminate any major messes. I want him to be able to come down to the basement and play, but I don’t want 400,000 McDonald’s toys laying around.

At the end of the cleaning marathon I downed 2 cups of coffee, got the basement and laundry room cleaned up and ended up going to bed at about 5am. On wednesday I spent much of the day trying to knock out some laundry. I had to stop midway through because Ricky had to get a flu shot at 1pm so I took him then, but came back and picked back up. We just have so much laundry that it’s going to take some time to get in order, and mores decide what can be donated.

The ultimate goal is to have Thanksgiving at our house with Jen’s family. We used to go to her grandma’s house, but her grandma has since moved to an apartment closer here so we’re going to try the hosting. With that said, I did not want our house to feel like an areas were off limits. I want our house to be accessible without having to wear hazmat suits. Jen always prefers to have the living room cleaned up, but I know that if the basement and laundry room are not organized, than the laundry from our rooms trickles down to the living room. Now that the basement is cleaned I can actually get to and from the basement and living room and not feel like I’m stepping over land mines. It’s also nice to have space to fold clothes. I’m one who once I pull it out of the dryer I want to get it put away so having space to do that really helps.

The house is still in need of major cleaning, but I always find I can clean up any other room in the span of an hour or two, but the basement and laundry room always seem to take a strong bit of action to resolve. I also find I’m not nearly as stressed. It’s funny how something like that can stress you out, but now that it’s clean I don’t get that as bad. I’m even down on the iMac which is in our basement, compared to my Macbook Air.

On a side note, I have started looking at Pinterest for different organizing ideas. I just want to have a rhyme and reason to things and not just throwing things here or there. I really can be a pretty clean person, it’s just managing a toddler and getting my wife to buy in a bit. She has a lot on her plate as she has started a part-time job with Dillard’s, but as she goes through training she has to work a bit extra. On top of that when she gets home she’ll nurse Amelia and Ricky wants her attention, so her lack of cleaning is hard to find fault in when she’s got full-time mom going on too.

So I’m sure you’re utterly excited to read a blog about me cleaning my basement, but to those who have seen it, know how terrible it is, and once I get the floors clean I’m going to be really excited. I ultimately am trying to fix a 27″ Vizio tv so I can mount it on the wall in the corner and get a DVD player with Netflix on it so Ricky can play and watch tv down here. That’s a bit down the line, but I just have high hopes for the room, but the fact that it is clean really pumps me up to keep it that way. Wish me luck.



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