WBC 2.46 – Our Kids’ Enjoyment

It’s funny how once you have kids, you kind of stop thinking about what you can do to entertain yourself, but now what you can do to entertain your kids. I don’t mean that in the sense of trying to keep them busy so they don’t bug you. I mean participating or doing things that you know they’ll  like just to give them a good time.

We recently took our son Ricky to see Yo Gabba Gabba at the Fox Theater in St. Louis. It was something we have done before, but he was still too young to really know what was going on. He recognized the characters, but he wasn’t as knowledgeable of music and the show at that time. When we took him this time, he recognized characters, songs and even danced a little bit. It’s the best feeling as a parent to see your kid(s) happy. Amelia is still too young to really have any idea of what fun is, but you still get a kick out of seeing her smile at you when you talk “baby” to her.

The point here is that I finally see why my parents always wanted to do things for us, to make sure we had a fun childhood. It’s a great feeling doing something for yourself, but an even better feeling seeing somebody else have a great time. We are planning to take our son to see the Fresh Beat Band Live on Black Friday which I think he will get an even bigger kick out of, because he sings the songs all the time in the car.

It’s just that transition as a parent where you stop trying to please yourself and start doing it for your kids or wife. My wife would agree that she puts the kids before herself when it comes to enjoyment, and she loves trying to let Ricky have a great time, whether it’s the mall (riding elevators) or simply going to the park.

There are still moments where doing something for you is cool, and you do need that, but you realize ultimately that when you have kids, they are your world, and there’s no better feeling than making them smile. It really makes me appreciate my childhood and what my parents did for me to make it fun.


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