WBC 2.48 – Happy Thanksgiving

Folks, we are only a few days away from the holiday that is Thanksgiving. The time that is more and more becoming known for the after meal deals, than for spending time with your family. As someone who spent years in retail, this will be my first Thanksgiving where I will not have to once think about going in to work that day or even the following day. For anyone who has spent an extensive amount of time in retail, you know that’s a pretty good feeling. With that said, I am bummed those who I built amazing relationships with at JCPenney will have to probably leave some of their families early so that the doors can open. I think it’s nuts to open at 5pm on Thanksgiving, but it appears that is the nature of the beast these days, and unfortunately, the demand is there. Well, we’ll see if it’s there.

This will be the first time Jen and I will attempt to host Thanksgiving. It will be a minimal attempt compared to my parents who have time and time again delivered an amazing dinner to all of my siblings and their families. I guess you have to start somewhere though right. I really have no idea how the day is going to go down, but I do have a strong desire to wake up with Ricky and watch the parade on tv. For some reason there is something about that, that always gets me excited for the day. Just thinking about it pumps me up. Maybe I’m weird, it’s still undecided.

After that, I believe we will have Jen’s parents come over and hangout. I’m sure her mom will help cook as he knowledge far exceeds mine. I assume Jen’s dad and I will probably be keeping the Ricky man busy. Maybe we’ll turn on the football game that comes on each Thanksgiving or who knows. It will just be a fun day to start a new tradition.

Jen does have to work on black Friday, but luckily it is not until about 8am Friday morning. She works until 4pm and then we’re taking Ricky down to see the Fresh Beat Band in concert. I think it should be a fun time, and I know he’ll get a kick out of it.

Hopefully everyone has a great holiday and gets to enjoy it with your families. If you do decide to go out and go shopping, then be nice to those who are assisting you because they are spending their days away from their families to help you find what you’re looking for.

All in all, have an amazing Thanksgiving and get prepared for the onslaught that is Christmas just a month after.


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