WBC 2.50 – Life Lessons and Christmas Presents

It’s funny how your outlook on things can be persuaded by situation. On the way home from work on Monday evening, I blew out my front passenger tire on my car. It was weird because I normally listen to music on my way home, and I had just finished a workout, so I didn’t know if I was just imagining it from being tired or what. It turns out, my tire had gotten pretty shredded, and the smell of jacked up rubber was  an interesting smell.

I was luckily able to pull off of the highway on a nearby exit, without doing too much extra work to my rim. The funny thing was, I had not changed a tire on a car since my junior year in high school is Mr. Schoonover’s(Sp?) driver’s ed class. It stuck with me long enough to know the basis of what needed to be done. My only challenge was uncovering my spare tire in my HHR.

I had never once really looked for it, and I was excited to find the accessibility to it was pretty simple, once I moved the crap from in my trunk itself. I was also excited to find a jack comes equipped with that spare tire. I guess for some reason, I always believed you had to have one handy, which never did I ever buy. Outside of the flat tire, we were off on a good start. My real challenge was trying to see what I was doing. Despite the light on my iPhone being plenty bright, I did not have a third hand to keep on what I was trying to carry out. This, by the way, was at about 1:00 AM.

Ultimately I called Jen to have her come up and follow me home, but I was able to get the new spare tire on my car after a peak to the owner’s manual. I wasn’t for sure where the jack was supposed to go by my tire, but a handy-dandy arrow on all four corners of my car, pointed me in the right direction.

So as I get back to what I said starting this blog. I really wasn’t in to bad of shape emotionally with my tire blowing out. Had it been during the day in traffic, or knowing I had to be at work the next day, then my stress levels may have been elevated quite a bit more, but knowing I was off work for the next three days and it was so late, I really didn’t fret too much. Ultimately we made it home, I bought a new tire on Thursday, and the world was right again.

Thursday itself, was an amazing day. I got to spend the whole afternoon with my son Ricky. Jen had to work, and her mom volunteered to watch Amelia while I was out. We had a pretty good time, we got some major Christmas shopping done, and Ricky got his haircut. He did such an awesome job too with the haircut. It always seems like it can be hit or miss with him. On some trips, he freaks out about the idea of getting his haircut, but this time around he did not throw a single fit. I was really proud of him, but bummed at how old it made him look.

Side note, Ricky is about 90% potty trained. The only issues he has had is when we are out in about. He tends to be a little hesitant to going on big toilets, but he is knocking it out at home like a champ. It’s pretty nice to not have to worry about diapers, and pull-ups are used only a couple of times a day because he hasn’t had any accidents. The kid is getting so big, and it just blows my mind!

It’s always rough having to go back to work, but I’m excited for Christmas to be just around the corner. The podcast is going great, and Shane and I had a blast chatting with the band Clockwork. It was pretty awesome to see them on Show Me St. Louis the next morning performing on television. They are just a really down-to-earth group of guys, and have been nothing but welcoming to us when we have interviewed them. I hope they really take off, because they are passionate about their craft.

So just two more weeks and year two of the weekly blog challenge will be complete. It’s crazy I have made it through two years, and as I have said before, I’m not sure what the game plan is for this upcoming year. I some how came across my old Tumblr account and I was reading some of the blogs I wrote on there. I seemed to write far better than, than I do now so I hope I can get back to that type of writing. It just seemed a little more inspired and not so “forced.” We shall see, but I hope everyone has an amazing week, and thank you for reading yet another blog.

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