Merry Christmas (Saturday)

Ladies and gents, the official day of Christmas has come and gone, and it was quite a success in the Bumeter household. I still have Christmas with my family on January 2nd, but I will blog about that party when the time comes.

It was Jen and mine’s first year of playing Santa. I know that may sound weird as our son is almost 3, but those first few years, they don’t really have a concept of who or what Santa/Christmas is. This year Ricky actually kind of knew what Christmas was. I don’t think he fully realized that when he went to bed on the 24th, he would wake up with a ton of presents under the tree. He actually slept in pretty late Christmas morning, which was nice because he was fighting sleep the whole time.

When the morning did come I gave him a piggy back ride down to the living room and he saw all of the presents. Again, I don’t think he realized that the majority of them were for him and his sister. It did not take him long to open his presents though, and I definitely did not have to twist his arm. Once he opened one, he was ready to play with that toy. Convincing him that all of these gifts probably had toys in them may have blown his mind.

I had prepared myself with a big trash bag for wrapping paper, and a little spot to move all of his opened gifts to. I was also extremely excited for Jen to open her gifts. The whole idea that it is better to give than receive is true; especially if you are really proud of some of the gifts.

Once the morning was done, Jen’s dad, brother, brother’s g/f and grandma all came over to hangout and open gifts with them. My parents even stopped by for a good bit. I love seeing them, and with them having 6 kids they were doing their best to drop by as many as they could. If they could drive to Charlotte and visit my sister Dawn, I know they would have.

It was a great day with family and I know Ricky enjoyed it. He passed out about 7:30 pm and was done for the night. This was actually a bit of a relief because Jen and I were definitely beat to. We spent the last few hours of Christmas watching the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that Jen had gotten me. It’s not quite the 90s, but there are still quite a few funny moments in that movie. I enjoyed it and will definitely see any sequels.

I hope you all had a great Christmas as well, and got to spend it with at least some family or friends. Here’s to 2015 quickly approaching!.

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