WBC 3.1 – Let’s Keep It Rollin’

Well folks year 2 is officially in the books, and I’ve decided to jump right in to year 3. I had some debate of whether I would take some time off or go right after year 3. Obviously the date works out perfectly as it falls right in the week of the new year, but also while I have momentum, there’s no reason to halt it.

Something I want to try to do with year 3 is to shoot out more than just a single blog a week. The challenge rules will remain the same that I will only require a single blog per week, but just for the sake of writing I want to write more. I also am going to do a better job of reviewing my post for errors. Don’t let that be misinterpreted that my posts will be grammatically perfect. I will probably still use at least 48 commas in a single sentence, but I will at least review my posts for any major errors.

My buddy Tippin made a good point that these blogs will be a good reflection down the road of what I was doing or how I thought at the time. I always wonder what the Internet will be like in 10 years. Will WordPress still exist or will there be some other platform that takes it over. I know they say that once something is on the Internet, it’s there forever. That is probably true for photos of celebrities, but when it comes to blogs, they can disappear if a site shuts it’s servers down to where you can no longer access the pages. I kind of have thought about backing up all of my blogs, and I’ll have to research to see if there is something within WordPress that would export all of my posts.

I have this same thought with external hard drives. I have backed up a lot of things to my USB external hard drive, but who knows what technology will be like down the road, and if they will develop a faster port slot. For example, it used to be you would backup photos on CDs and now my laptop doesn’t even have a cd drive. Will that be the same with USB ports. I know once new technology develops yo can just transfer things over, but in the longterm span of things i wonder what the best route would be for backing something up to have say 20 years down the line.

One last final thought for the kickoff of year 3. I need to update my Spotify list of my top songs. I have misled millions and millions of people for months and months with my playlist stating my “Top 100.” First off, there aren’t even 100 songs on that list, and secondly, I’m so sporadic with my music tastes that picking 100 of my most favorite songs would be constantly changing. Maybe I should narrow it down to my top 20 or something at the time, because all-time is just too hard to compile.

Here is my current list in no specific order for anyone interested:


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