Day 2 – Home Movies

There are quite a few things I really loved about my childhood and growing up with my amazing family, but one of the things I really didn’t realize I’d appreciate so much until now, is the use of our camera (camcorder) by my dad as we were growing up.

Just recently I was visiting some of my family at my parents house, and my dad decided to hook up teh VCR to the big screen so that we could watch some of our old home videos. My dad was always trying to document fun family events from Christmas, birthday parties and even little league games. What made these videos so special was my dad’s commentary.

One thing I really appreciate about my upbringing was that I managed to take away a bit of my dad’s sense of humor and wit. When we go back to watch some of these home videos; my dad always seemed to have this hilarious commentary that added to what was going on. He would also come up with fun ideas just to bring my family all together. Some examples of this were using various props as instruments and lip syncing to “Born to Boogie” by Hank Williams Jr., or when we moved to North Carolina and acting as if a porta-potty that was outside of the house for construction was actually our new home. If you saw the videos, then you would be able to appreciate it. If I get a chance I want to pull some of these tapes off the VHS and upload them to a Youtube channel for my family.

Again, growing up you don’t realize how important these video clips are to looking in to your family members. As we watched it the other night, there was one where I was probably about 3 or 4 and the resemblance to my son Ricky is uncanny. We still remember certain moments too that we all like to laugh about when we are watching these home movies.

I feel like the luxury of video taping events is lost these days. I don’t know if it’s the fact that we don’t have a hard tangible items to see aside and label since everything is digital now, or if we just don’t take the time. We absolutely have the capabilities with phones all having HD cameras on them, but it seems like we don’t take the time. This is something I want to change with my little family. My wife and I both decided we want to start documenting these family moments. It’s such a fun experience looking back at the fashion, our personalities and how similar we still are as adults.

I need to find a good VHS to DVD converter for my Mac and make that a project to try and pull all of these movies off of the VHS tapes. If you have any suggestions on software or hardware to do that please let me know! I hope to one of these days post some of those silly clips online.


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