Day 3 – Utilizing the iPad

One of the things I got Jen for Christmas was an iPad mini 2. Our son, despite having a Nabi tablet, feels like our iPad is his. With this imagined ownership has brought a cracked screen and a slew of kids apps on the iPad.

When I gave Jen the iPad I told her that this was hers and that Ricky does not get to play with it. Heck, even I’ll leave it alone. It was hers and I wanted her to have something nice that she didn’t have to worry about Ricky throwing a fit over. So with her having a new iPad, I decided I will inherit the older cracked screen iPad and use it for my liking. I plan on getting the screen repaired, and I want to take it with me places to try and get our son back to using his Nabi iPad.

This morning has been spent getting some apps on it, but I’m kind of picky with it that I don’t want to put every app in the world on it. I’m almost debating whether I want to even put Facebook, Twitter or Reddit on it. I kind of want to use it more as a work device than just hanging with out on Facebook. I’m even using it right now to write this blog. I picked up a Smart Cover a while back on clearance and I like how it can prop up for typing. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel trying to blog on a touch screen, and I’d probably still prefer my MacBook Air, but it’s getting the job done.

If I want to blog everyday I realize it will be easier to carry around the iPad than my laptop. Once I have the screen repaired then I’ll feel even better about it.

I am interested in some of the apps on hEre that I have had, but ever really used. Applications like GarageBand are ones I wonder if they translate well to the tablet versus the laptop format. My son enjoys it for playing different instruments on it which blows my mind, but I’m curious if it’d be a benefit for recording our podcast. Because I’d be a total mess in fear of the app crashing, I’ll probably stick to my laptop when recording, but I may dab into podcasting on this for my own projects.



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