Day 4 – The Little Guy is Sick

Everybody knows how much it sucks when you’re not feeling, especially when it involved throwing up. I feel even worse when it is one of my kids who isn’t feeling well. Jen and I woke up yesterday and our son didn’t at first seem like he wasn’t feeling well, but he quickly began saying his tummy was hurting. We were laying on the couch while Jen was getting ready for work, and he was playing on my phone. He eventually said he wanted to go lay up in bed, which is rare to hear from him. We went upstairs to lay down, and he just wasn’t acting right.

It wasn’t long after that, he got sick in the bed. He was so pitiful and I don’t think realized what was going on. The funny thing is, like most of us, after you get sick, you all of a sudden feel way better. As I was removing the sheets from the bed to throw in the wash, he started jumping on the bed singing “no more monkeys jumping on the bed.” I thought maybe it was just a quick little thing and it would pass. At one point when I was putting the sheets in the wash, he wanted to push the buttons to start it, and pulled out his little batman balloon punching bag thing. He seemed fine.

About 20 minutes later it creeped up on him again and he started acting a little more chilled out again. My wife had mentioned grabbing a bowl so if he got sick, he could get sick in there. Great idea on her part because as we were laying in bed watching a kids’ show on Netflix, he indicated he was going to get sick again. He proceeded in doing so and seemed a little better, but still not himself. After that the poor guy passed out for at least 4-hours. He was still sleeping as I got ready to go to work, which I actually went in about an hour later to make sure he was good.

During the day I found out that both my brother and my niece weren’t feeling too well, which immediately makes the alarm in your head go off saying “you’re going to get sick too.” I’m hoping that’s not the case, or at least hold off until Tuesday when I’m off work again. The problem is that the night before he got sick, my entire family was together so it could be an entire Bumeter epidemic. Hopefully not, but it seems like whenever one of the kids gets sick, we all do. Here is to hoping we stay at least somewhat healthy, but it is that season of the flu.


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