Day 7 – Can You Turn the Heat Up?

The last week has officially felt like winter weather. We have had temperatures in the teens and now as I type this, there is snow falling. It is not a blizzard by any means, but with has cold as it has been, the worry here is icy roads. Obviously my first thought on top of that is my wife having to go into work tomorrow afternoon. I obviously I will offer to drive her so she doesn’t have to worry about it, but even then it’s still not very fun.

I am still waiting for that big snow to hit St. Louis. The one that brings like a foot of snow and just buried us. Of course this will probably happen on a day when I have to go to work instead of when I’m off. It used to be that I had a short drive to my job of maybe 15 minutes. Now that drive has extended to about 30 minutes so the anxiety level of driving to work in wretched weather is doubled.

I think my tolerance/maturity has definitely changed over the years. I used to act all tough and just skate by with a light hoodie. These days though, I will pack on a heavy coat, gloves and a beanie or snow cap and blast the heat in my car at the highest level. I just don’t care much for the old cold weather. I like being warm and toasty. The only exception to this is in bed, then being cold is welcomed as the blankets provide the perfect comfort level for temperature.

That’s about the highlight going on here. It’s kind of a pain writing blogs on my iPad. As I type this out, it appears to be a pretty decent post, but when I end up looking at it, then it turns out to be short and dinky. I am getting a little used to typing on the iPad keyboard and the more I think about getting a keyboard case for the iPad I feel I can probably make do without it. If I really need to type on a keyboard then I will just bust out my laptop. I guess that’s the idea right, the iPad is an on-the-go solution for not having to bring my laptop everywhere.

I am going to take it Thursday to get the glass on the screen fixed, so it will be nice having a normal looking iPad again. We have thought about selling our son’s Nabi for a used iPad because our son navigates and, I think, gets better use of the iPad. He definitely has learned his ABCs from apps on the iPad like Endless Alohabet. If you have a toddler, start them with they app. It’s fun, but really does help them learn ABCs.

I hope everyone stays warm and if you’re getting ice, you don’t have to drive in it. Best of luck out there folks.


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