Day 8 – Growing the Rock Paper Podcast

If you have had the distinct annoyance of following my Facebook or Twitter feed in the last 3 or 4 years, then you have probably seen my constant posts about stating a podcast. I have actually been a part of a few podcasts that I either did with a friend or on my own, but we never really made it passed a couple episodes. Well now One of the projects I helped create with my buddy Shane Presley, the Rock Paper Podcast will be hitting 40 episodes this week, and one of the discussions we constant,y have on our trips to our interviews is how to grow the podcast.

We both are avid listeners of other podcasts, and we both know that a solid podcast takes consistency, patience and sexy voices, but we are starting to get to that mode where we are wanting to tryout and expand on the show. It’s a challenge of digging deeper in to our creative abilities as well as physical capabilities. I think we are also pretty new to the podcasting thing so finding the best way to get the show to more people, or developing formats of the show takes a little more research.

I am extremely proud of how we have handled the show so far, and I NEVER would have thought the show would be almost to 50 episodes. I will continue to give most of the credit to Shane because he is the one coordinating guests and making things happen. His passion for the show is incredible and because of him I can say I have a sticker with a cartoon version of myself on it. That’s kind of cool to me!

There is an ultimate goal of making this something that takes over our current career choices. Again, in the grand scheme of podcasts I know that is quite a challenge that may never happen, and ultimately if this is forever just s fun hobby and creative outlet, then I am absolutely fine with that. I think we both see something here that could grow in to more, and I think we are to a point where we have the routine of the show down and we can maybe start spending time on building more levels of the show. It could be maybe video becomes a component. Maybe the show expands more into something to bring on other shows. These are all just off of the cuff ideas, but something we have at least mentioned in our ride home from doing a show.

I’m proud of the Rock Paper Podcast and I think Shane and I both want to expand it to something greater because I think there is a major potential for it. It also would mean that the bigger the show gets, the more exposure for the talent we bring on is, and that’s the ultimate goal of our guests. We want to help push any projects, shows or news they have to help get their name out there. I think 2015 will bring more growth for the show, but at the end of the day, knowing we are already nearing the 50 marks makes me so happy!



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