Day 9 – My Wife Is Awesome

I had the joy of enjoying a glorious sick day yesterday that I believe was courtesy of my son from when he got sick last weekend. I’m writing this late in the day today as I’m still trying to get some energy back from that party.

I luckily was off yesterday from work, but unfortunately my wife’s mom who is staying with us, was also not feeling well. It was a double dose of sickness, which resulted in her having to take a day off of work. She then proceeded in holding down the fort with the kids, the dogs and anything else all day while I was completely useless.

I don’t think I spent hardly any time out of bed. It was weird because I was was taking my son up to Schnucks to get some creamer and drop our iPad off, and it was then I started feeling a little odd. Before I left, I remember telling my mother-in-law jokingly that she could take a sick day off because I was off from work and she could just take it easy. Little did I know that when I got home I would be feeling pretty crappy myself.

So I won’t go in to details but as we all know tummy bugs are not fun at all, and any thought of food is horrific. My wife, who had to manage a wild 2-year-old who wants to see what dad is doing and a 4-month old baby who is a boobie-fiend can make the day a little stressful. On top of that, having to miss a day of work when she herself or her kids are not actually sick is always a bummer.

The thing is, she did not complain or act nothing but supportive while I was incapacitated all day. She would peek in and try and pull the door shut so that it would be dark in the room, and try her best to keep Ricky from climbing on the bed, though that is a task in itself anytime.

I really do appreciate all she does and how she will be so selfless to take care of others. I have a pretty great wife, and my kids are lucky to have an amazing mother. I can’t thank her enough for letting me be a major sick bum all day, and I hope to repay her back a little bit this weekend by letting her sleep in. She’s off work, and I don’t go in until 3:30pm so she should absolutely get some time to rest.

Days like those when you really do appreciate your wife. I don’t know if she’ll read this or not, but if she does, Thank you Jen!


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