Day 13 – Tattoos

This evening for the Rock Paper Podcast, we are interviewing Dave Canoy of the Ink Spot Tattoo shop in Troy. I was checking out the shop’s Facebook page and it made me start thinking about how I want to get a new tattoo sometime in the near future. I have 3 right now, but would consider covering up my STL one on the inside of my arm as it’s pretty small and dinky. Get something either STL or something entirely different.

I would really like to try and find some kind of design to pay tribute to Ricky and Amelia. I’d like to get a separate tattoo for each, that way if we have any other kids down the line, I can continue to it. As with most people who get tattoos, I have no idea what kind of design I’d get and my creativity skills are pretty lackluster. Maybe i’ll get a ninja turtle on my nose.


I looked up some ideas that parents have gotten to pay tribute to their kids and the ones that I love are the ones with their kids faces that look extremely creepy and a little off. Maybe I’ll just get a whole family portrait on my chest, full color too.

I always wish my family had some sort of crest, I think that would be a super rad tattoo to get, but that’s just a random thought. I have also toyed with the idea of getting a number 5 pool ball tattoo. There is a backstory that relates to my siblings and pool balls.

When we were growing up, we would always visit my grandparents house in Illinois. They had this really cool pool table, that we would all play under one stipulation, our belly buttons had to pass the table. If you were not tall enough, then you could not play. I’ve mentioned to my siblings about each of us getting a pool ball that correlates to our number of being born tattooed, but I don’t know if that one would stick either.

It’s something you definitely have to give some though to, and interviewing Dave tonight probably won’t help, but we’ll see if I can think of any cool designs for Ricky and Amelia.



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