Day 14 – Almost Missed It

I feel like I have gotten quite a bit done today. I got out of bed at around 7:45am and began cleaning up the kitchen. It’s crazy how much dog fur I swept up. Biscuit is a shedding machine.

It only occurred to me a little bit ago while we were watching Big Hero 6 that I had not written a blog yet for today. I actually states to doze off a little and luckily did not pass out for the evening.

Once the Ricky man passes out I may go down and play some Xbox One. I have started to get back into Battlefield 4 and I enjoy that it isn’t as nuts as Call of Duty. I understand them trying to grow the franchise but the futuristic stuff, especially the jet pack things or whatever seemed to be a big turn off. I think I’ve realized that my type of game are the realistic ones. Whether it’s hockey, wrestling, racing or a FPS, the realism is important to me. That may be why I have a hard time getting into the Halo franchise.

I’m also kind of considering going down and trying to run some laundry. I got our room cleaned up and vacuumed but there is so much laundry that I feel I should probably try and make a dent.

I should also note I’m typing this from my iPhone which is pretty weird. It’s funny how I use my phone constantly for small posting, but when it comes to writing a blog, it feels really foreign. I did see an awesome iPad keyboard/case today at Target but the thing was like $100 which is pretty pricey.

Anyway glad I didn’t forget to post and I’m 2 weeks into this thing. Here’s to keeping it going! Thanks for reading and go see Big Hero 6 it’s pretty good.


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