Day 18 – Building a Healthier Lifestyle

I feel like I should probably make an appointment sometime in the near future for a regular doctor checkup. It seems like I am always tired. I know I work until 1:30am so that means I normally have a hard time getting to sleep until about 3am, but I still don’t feel like I should be able to feel like I need a nap at all times of the day. I’m sure a lot of it is diet, but I need to try and be a little more disciplined, especially on my days off, to try and get more rest.

I feel like everyday before I have to work, I want to take a nap. My mother-in-law who will watch Ricky and Amelia always offers it to me, but I wonder if I should feel like I should need to nap all of the time. I don’t like feeling tired all of the time, and I just wonder how much of it is bad habit and how much could be something more. Maybe I just love the hell out of naps, I’m not sure.

I haven’t been to the doctor in years I don’t think. I can’t even remember the last reason I would have had to go to the doctor, but I that’s not always a good thing. It definitely doesn’t mean I’m healthy, there could be fun stuff going on internally that you don’t know until you go to the doctor. I could be totally good, but since I’m not just Chris, I’m a husband and a dad of two, I want to take better care of myself.

It’s funny how before I had kids and I would eat like junk food, my dad would say, you gotta watch what you eat. I would jokingly reply, hey mine as well go out on good stuff right. Well that whole idea has changed now that you have somebody that depends on you, and you want to be there for. It’s no longer doing things for me, it is now doing things for my kids and wife. You realize how selfish you’re being when you do things to yourself that could prevent you from being around longer, and my eating habits is just that. I mean I don’t do any drugs, I don’t drink and never have, but for many, alcohol is not what can kill you as easy as a heart attach.

Let me say, I’m 28, so I’m not saying that I’m an old man, but as I near 30, you start to realize you’re not immortal and when there are two little amazing people relying on you, that feeling multiplies to feel about 100x more intense. I just want to try and get things better for myself before it becomes too late and I can’t change things.

My wife and I have discussed getting a gym membership, and actually using it, but I find myself looking at some junk food in the house with disgust because I don’t want to just fall victim to eating that stuff. I also find that my son Ricky is now really starting to ask for candy or junk food, and when you turn him down he throws a fit, which in turn results in him not wanting to eat actual food. It’s just a huge vicious cycle of bad habits that I want to change for my longevity, but also for the health of my kids.

Hopefully my wife and I can turn things around for the healthier lifestyle, but it’s tough to just cut things out. I think ideally we would like to just throw stuff out, but that is probably more me than her. She’s not as big as a junk food fiend as I am so she isn’t really the problem as it probably is me.

How did you change to a healthy lifestyle from junk. How do you maintain eating well without giving in to junk food? Do you have key things from the store when you go grocery shopping you pick up? Any tips are more than welcome.


One Reply to “Day 18 – Building a Healthier Lifestyle”

  1. I think (for me) that in order to stay on a healthier path, I have to give in to junk food. That said, it’s letting myself have the things I like – but in proper portion size and not binging on it. I log everything I consume with MyFitnessPal. If by the last part of my day I haven’t had enough protein, fiber, etc., I put that first for my final consumption of the day. If I’ve done really well … ice cream or Cheetos come into play!


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