WBC 3.3 – What Life Has Taught Me So Far

Good advice here from a wise man with 2 different colored eyes, take a read folks 🙂

Life Words

I’ve learned a lot more than this, but I’m just going to stop here because there is too much else to put in here.

Be Patient
Be Understanding
Do No Harm, but Take No Shit
It’s all right to dream, but it’s even better to do
There is no such thing as perfect, but it’s okay to strive for perfection
The best way to find love is by doing what you love and letting it find you
Everyone is fighting their own battles
Everything is best in moderation, including moderation
Sometimes we have to act a little crazy to stay a little sane
Don’t give up
Prayer helps
Assholes sometimes finish first, but nice guys don’t always finish last
You do become some form of your parents
You can blame your parents for how you were raised, but it’s your fault for who you become
Nothing in this world is…

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