Day 20 – The Final Hour

Holy cow, I almost forgot to write a blog for today. We’ve had two little kiddos who don’t seem to be feeling too well, but hopefully seem to be back to normal. Amelia actually crashed pretty easily, Ricky is now laying next to me milking the last few minutes out of my phone before it dies again.

I remembered I needed to write a blog at about 10:00pm, but trying to get Ricky to bed here I almost missed the day.

Shane and I were supposed to record an episode of the Rock Paper Podcast tonight, but because the kids weren’t acting themselves I had to back out. Luckily Shane reached out to our friend Emily who did the show with him in my place. She is essentially part of the RPP family as my fill-in if I miss it. I appreciate her enthusiasm and excitement to want to help out on the show, and she does the job probably as well as I can. Look out folks, I may be out of a podcast ;-).

As I type this, I now have about 20 minutes to get this puppy posted. It’s not going to be the most though provoking blog of the century, but I just want to make sure I make an effort to post everyday. I hopefully will post something a little better tomorrow. I’m off work until Friday and will be hanging with the kids tomorrow as Jen has to work until about 5pm. I’m excited for her to be off Thursday as we’ll both be off which is always nice.

Until then I will spend the rest of the evening working on getting Ricky to fall asleep and watching whichever Jaws this is on IFC, and that’s only because I’m too lazy to find the remote on the bed. I hope everyone enjoyed their Tuesday, and thanks again Emily for covering my butt and co-hosting the Rock Paper Podcast for me, I really do appreciate it!

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