Day 21 – Hey! Our House Has Pictures

So we’ve lived in this house for  I guess a little over 3 years now. I could be a little off on the exact time, but we moved in before Ricky was born and he’ll be 3 in a few weeks so you get the deal. One thing we have never really done since moving in is decorate the walls in the house. We probably have enough collage picture frames and things to build an entire house out of pictures, but we just haven’t taken time to print off pictures.

On top of that, we have a few pictures that we received as gifts or that were from our wedding that are just laying on top of our entertainment center. Today I decided to clean that off, see what we have and try to put some up. With the assistance of my mother-in-law’s eye I was able to put up a few pictures or decorations in the house.

It’s not really a ton at all, but it’s nice to just be able to put some of them up and have the top of the entertainment center not just look like a random storage spot. I also was able to get the last of the Christmas items boxed up and put out in the garage. The Garage is finally cleaned up enough to get both of our cars in. This was something I’ve been wanting to do before our first big snow. I also utilized our big shed we have in the backyard and filled it with some things that were laying around in the garage. I’m pretty sure I could probably get more out there and clean the garage up even more, but that may be a task for when it’s warmer. My main goal was just to get both cars in.

Outside of that I’ve just been enjoying the day with the kids, who both seem to be feeling a little more back to normal. While gathering up the frames, I got a slight cut on my wrist and put a bandaid on it. A few hours later I thought instead of taking it off myself, I would let my son do it. Here’s the video of him doing that. Side note, he does not understand the concept of pulling a bandaid off fast yet.


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